Arya Samaj Greater Houston Celebrates Diwali

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By Sanjana Kapoor & Yash Bindal

HOUSTON: Arya Samaj celebrated Diwali on Saturday, October  25. This jam-packed event was enjoyed by all, and the evening’s festivities were filled with good humor, friends, laughter and light.

Arya Samaj’s Diwali celebrations started Saturday evening with beautiful performances in the main hall. Next came the puja and havan. For the final portion of the event, everyone went outside. And what a sight it was to see! Spread throughout the school grounds, were rows of twinkling lights among which were stalls of games and delicious ethnic food. The air was bright, laughter rang through the air and the sweet smell of sweets enticed everyone. People milled around seeking out friends and acquaintances and spreading the good wishes of Diwali. Some sat at the thoughtfully provided chairs and tables eating the delicious food or sipping on hot tea.

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There were games for the children, such as the ring toss, with prizes for the winners. There were chances to win big prizes through the raffle tickets. Additionally, there were mehendi (henna) and face paint stalls, which attracted young and old alike.

Next came one of the most favorite parts of Diwali celebrations: glorious fireworks. The fireworks were launched into the sky, and went out with loud bangs, scattering across the sky in a multitude of sparkling hues. The colors were bright, blazing and fiery – it truly was a spectacular festival of lights. Soon after people with firework tickets were given their own personal firework packages. You could hear the snap and crackle of the fireworks sizzling all around. Kids shouted with delight at the bright colors and everyone could feel the excitement in the air.

This Diwali celebration was definitely a memorable event that everyone enjoyed. Thanks to the selfless Arya Samaj volunteers and youth from the Arya Yuvak Mandal, all the planned activities went of without a hitch, and the events were conducted in a timely manner. Everyone who came to celebrate, went away happy and pleased.

Arya Samaj Greater Houston wishes everyone a very Happy Diwali, and a very prosperous year to come!

Arya Samaj Greater Houston is located at 14375 Schiller Road, Houston, TX 77082, ( or Tel. 281-752-0100) and conducts Satsang every Sunday from 10 AM to 12 Noon. The DAV Sanskriti School is held every Sunday during the Satsang hours. Yoga, Sanskrit and Upanishads classes are held twice a week at ASGH. Contact Dev Mahajan at 713-468-4339 or Shekhar Agrawal at 281-242-8280 or Bhushan Verma at 713-504-2707 for any information regarding ASGH or its schools and services.