Arya Samaj Houston Celebrates Sanskriti School Graduation Day

Sanskriti School children participate in Yagnaroop bhajan with Kavita ji and Vinita ji.

   HOUSTON: The Sunday School of Arya Samaj Houston, called DAV Sanskriti School has been functioning since the latter’s inception. Its advancement has been a continuous process, at present educating 147 children age 4-13, besides its youth wing AYM (Arya Yuva Mandal) attracting another 40 high schoolers. The Sanskriti School teaches two compulsory subjects – Naitik Shiksha (Moral Instruction) and Hindi Conversation, besides electives of Tabla, music, dance, instrumental, Hindi Read & Write, Vedic Math, Yoga, Multimedia Art, etc. Its academic year 2018-’19 ended last Sunday 12th May in a glittering manner.

Traditional Havan heralded the event, the graduating 8 AYM youth as Yajmaans. The cultural program started with the presentation of youth orchestra. Graduates spoke later one by one and shared their experience at Arya Samaj Houston, particularly how they benefited from connecting to the cultural root. Audience noted with a sense of pride that all of them were to join prestigious universities to pursue their chosen career. A total of 17 AYM in age group of 14 to 18 received President’s Voluntary Service Awards. They were given a farewell with books and souvenirs.

The Sanskriti School concentrated on Annual Day to showcase their talents related to the electives such as Tabla, music, dance, instrumental and Yoga. All the performances attracted huge applause. As usual, their performance brought the audience spellbound, particularly because they meet only 40 minutes a week. Another noteworthy feature was little children’s discipline throughout. Multimedia art children had displayed their talents in the form of an exhibition. Some of them were bought by enthusiasts, proceeds going to Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for those affected by the recent Cyclone Fani. This year, the presentation of their Hindi related skills was organized in January at the school and at the Indian Consulate too. Sunday 5th May was devoted to Celebration of Learning when every child participated in displaying what they learned in Naitik Shiksha. The blood donation camp & bone marrow registry on the site attracted several noble people.

Three volunteers shared their experience: Indra Singhal, Ritu Chanchalani and Shikhar Singh who have volunteered at the Sanskriti School for 39, 15 and 2 years, respectively. Indraji’s memories of the yesteryears, particularly her association with the founder of Arya Samaj Houston Late Ram Chandra Mahajan (fondly remembered as Pitaji) gave a unique glimpse. Her call to the parents to get more involved with the Sanskriti School and Arya Samaj was well received.

In her report, Director Dr. Kavita Vachaknavee, highlighted new feathers in the cap such as eight volumes of the new text books produced for Naitik Shiksha, Special elective of Public Speaking and related contest, new course on Leadership Skills for age 12-13, Counselling Service, etc. Registration of new students along with re-enrollments were in full swing, on site. The Sanskriti School reopens 18th August with new fervor. The flagship chorus song by the entire Sanskriti School children, volunteers and teachers provided the grand finale to the celebration. The event ended with a well deserved feast well served by the Food committee.

For more information about Sanskriti School and AYM, please call (832)874-3376 or visit DAV Montessori & Elementary holds there graduation on May 19th from 10am to 12 noon. All are invited to witness the talents of our little ones.

Sanskriti school children perform Yogaasan with Swarli.










Sanskriti School girls perform a folk dance.








2019 Arya Youth Mandal Group with Sanjay ji.