Arya Samaj of Greater Houston (ASGH) 2022 DAVSS School Graduation

Graduates — Aditya Markan, Shika CHawla, Ansh Khanna, Lakshya Gupta, Mrigank Maharan with Acharya Brahmdeo Mokoonlall Ji and Sanjay Ahuja Ji.

HOUSTON: Sunday May 15, was another milestone in the history of Arya Samaj Greater Houston (ASGH) which runs the DAV Sanskriti School (DAVSS). Children from K to grade 12 join for some 35 Sundays during the year where ASGH volunteers lead the classes on the Universal Living Values of Sanatan (Vedic-Hindu) Dharma. Grades 9 to 12 have been regrouped as Arya Yuva Mandal (AYM).

The Graduation Day program started with Sandhya and Yajna (Havan) led by Acharya Surya Nanda, followed by Bhajans and a cultural show by the students of DAVSS amidst a host of members, volunteers, students, parents and well-wishers. Acharya Ji encouraged the graduands as well as all present to be connected to the Vedic teachings which provide safe port throughout life. Life would be like the beautiful flying kite till the string is in the hands of the person flying it. Once the string is cut, the kite may fly high for some time only but the fall would be brutal.

Addressing the audience the graduands, namely – Aditya Markan, Ahika Chawla, Ansh Khanna, Lakshya Gupta and Mrigank Maharana each spoke about their learning experience at DAVSS which allowed then to unfold numerous facets of their personality. Waking up early on the Sunday mornings was a chore but the outcome will be ever cherished as they found meaning to human life.

Acharya Bramdeo Mokoonlall who recently joined the ASGH and DAVSS requested the graduands and all present to nurture their roots by staying connected to the Institution. They were requested to visit ASGH and DAVSS whenever they will be around in Houston. They may volunteer as mentors, share their knowledge and experiences which would motivate other kids to put up consistent efforts to be truly humane in thoughts, words and actions. He also appealed to parents to not only drop their child and come for pick-up, rather make it a duty to volunteer at least one Sunday every month. Such volunteering would motivate their children to grow with the sense of belonging to the community, remain connected with Sanatan Dharma as well as later give back to society by coming forward as volunteers.

The members cum volunteers of ASGH and DAVSS had picked up, with brio, the challenge of an in-person program after running online programs during the last 2-years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Sunday programs of ASGH are now open within the prevailing health and other safety guidelines. DAVSS will resume on Sunday August 14, 2022 with in-person classes for children from Houston area. An announcement will follow as regards to those from outside the City and from other States.

The program concluded with the presentation of certificates and mementoes to the graduates. The vote of thanks was dedicated to those who has put in constant efforts to turn around the DAVSS to what it stands now, and to all members, volunteers, students, parents and well-wishers. After Shanti paatha (prayers for universal peace), the invitees joined in the sharing of Sahabhoj (mahaprasad, lunch).

Acharya Bramdeo

Arya Samaj Greater Houston

DAV Sanskritit School

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