Asghar Ali Alibhoy A Zest for Life, Family and Community | 1945 – 2017

Asghar Ali Alibhoy with his wife of 47 years, Yasmin

Asghar Ali Alibhoy with his wife of 47 years, Yasmin

HOUSTON: Asghar Ali Alibhoy was a founding member of Club 65, a social club for Indian senior citizens, and served on the leadership committee from its inception till his death. He was informally known as the Party Man. He meticulously planned every meeting, every picnic, every special event, and was in-charge of food and entertainment. Alibhoy passed away on Thursday, May 18, 2017 after suffering a fall.

As an only child, Alibhoy had the greatest appreciation for family. He included and welcomed every cousin, nephew, niece, daughter-in-law as his own and had a natural ability to touch people in a unique way because he was willing to help anyone in any way he could. His life lessons were simple: learn to forgive, accept and love all those around you. This applied to people who were friendly, and even those who were sometimes not so friendly.

Alibhoy was born in Karachi, India on December 2, 1945, but his family soon migrated to Rawalpindi, Pakistan where he grew up. In ‘Pindi, Alibhoy’s father and grandfather had a thriving business and he was expected to join when he came of age. He joined after finishing high school, but after the death of his grandfather, the business dwindled.

After getting married in 1970 to Yasmin, a friend invited Alibhoy to Dubai to pursue a business venture. With limited options and a heavy heart he decided to take a risk. As it turned out Dubai was pre-destined for him. Even though the friend’s opportunity did not materialize, Alibhoy was able to secure a job with Dubai Petroleum Company in the inventory control department, responsible for procuring, storing and shipping oil related equipment within the company.
Retrenchment separated Asghar from DPC in 1991, at which point he moved to Baker Hughes in Dubai in a similar position. He was with Baker Hughes for almost 17 years before retiring from the organization.

He and Yasmin decided to move back to ‘Pindi, but with both their sons in Houston, they knew the move to Pakistan after almost 40 years in Dubai would be short lived. In 2012 they wrapped up everything in Pakistan and moved to Houston to be closer to their children and grandchildren. Alibhoy is survived by his wife of 47 years, Yasmin, two sons, Abdul Hussain and Ali Abbas and four grandchildren. He will forever be remembered for his zest for life and love of family and friends.