ASIE 2020 Annual Holiday Event: A Great Success

Houston: Annual Holiday Event – ASIE’s 2020 Annual Holiday Event (online) was a great success despite the COVID-19!

Approximately 25% of the business organized holiday events this year due to the pandemic, and nearly 75% of the events have been virtual. ASIE wanted to bring the membership together, after almost a year, to virtually meet and greet through the 2020 Annual Holiday event on Zoom and Facebook. Thanks to our corporate sponsors, holiday event sponsors and attendees for their support to continue with the ASIE’s tradition of the Annual Holiday Event. We all missed gathering in person, but this virtual format did not disappoint in any sense. Considering the safety and with the comfort of one’s home, the event was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed.

ASIE’s 2020 President Chaitanya Kasturi, kicked-off the event with a welcome speech and guiding the attendees to the virtual chat rooms for networking. Multi-talented Vishakha Kaushik acted as the emcee for the event with her spirited voice and speaking skills. Varenya Mehta and Apoorv Kumar managed the behind-the-scenes IT and DJ. They also choreographed the event seamlessly. Aravind Nimma coordinated with the corporate and holiday event sponsors for mobilizing the funds and organized the silent auction to raise funds for the Houston Food Bank. Raghu Veturi reached out individually to the ASIE’s Past Presidents and corporate sponsors to get video messages. Maanasa Vemuri and Aravind Marella organized the Art Works competition for children from grades K-12 and provided entertainment break sessions (online bingo and raffles) during the event. The bingo cards featured the names 2020 corporate sponsors. ASIE members also performed 2-minute videos (skits) showcasing their acting and dance talents. The underlying theme in all the videos was how everyone has been staying safe and keeping the spirits high during the pandemic. A short video by the past presidents – Mr. Raj Tanwani and Mr. Ashish Bagga and his family about working from home – benefits and challenges, was a gem among the marvelous videos. Many thanks to the all the members who took time out of their busy schedules to create such delightful videos.

ASIE’s first President (1994) Mr. Hasmukh Doshi, P.E., RPLS shared an inspirational video message to the ASIE membership. Mr. Doshi suggested ASIE coming together for constructing a new building for the regular meetings and hosting events.

The 2020 Corporate Sponsors shared the benefits of being connected professionally and socially through ASIE in their respective video messages. 

After a rigorous evaluation process by the ASIE’s past presidents and the AC, the YEOY 2021 was awarded to Vishakha Kaushik, P.E., of AECOM, for her professional achievements, leadership abilities and the volunteering spirit. It is indeed a proud moment for her parents and for the ASIE family. 

Houston: ASIE inducted five outstanding professionals from the Houston area into the Class of 2020, including: Prafull Kumar, President, Dream Realizes, LLC; Ravi Kaleyatodi, P.E., Assoc., DBIA, City of Houston; Ravi Yanamandala, P.E., President, Geotest Engineering; Sanjay Ramabhadran, P.E., Founding, Principal, VERSA Infrastructure; and, Sudhakar Kalaga, P.E., President, KIT Professionals.  These gentlemen have been selected for their self-less service and contribution to the community, individual professional accomplishments and for being the guiding force behind ASIE and other professional non-profit organizations in the Houston area and beyond.

Every year ASIE awards several students pursuing degrees in Engineering or Architectural fields.  In 2020, ASIE awarded $21,000 towards ASIE Scholarship Program to well-deserving 18 students. ASIE is very proud of all the Scholarship Winners and wishes them the best in their future endeavors. ASIE takes this opportunity to sincerely thank the scholarship donors for their encouragement, generosity and continuous support.

In an effort of giving back to the community, ASIE conducted Silent Auction, where over $2,500 was generated during the auction and the funds were donated to the Houston Food Bank.

India-USA Festivals during COVID-19 was the theme for the Art Works’ competition. Four enthusiastic students were recognized for their creativity and efforts. They were awarded Amazon gift cards and participation certificates.

Seven online Bingo prizes and seven online Raffle prizes were won during the holiday event.

Last but not the least, the vote of Thanks was provided by ASIE’s secretary Raghu Veturi recognizing the volunteers, sponsors, and the online event attendees.