ASIE: Year 2015 Started With Full Slate of Events

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From left: Ashish Bagga, current President Raj Basavaraju, Past President Sekhar Ambadapudi, and Hari Jaswal. Sitting (from left): Sai Gowthami, Scholarship Recipient Alexy Idicula, Priya Patel, and Poolkeshi Patel.

By Dinesh Shah, MBA, PE

HOUSTON: American Society of Indian Engineers and Architects known as ASIE started year 2015 with by participating in several technical and educational events under the leadership of current President, Raj Basavaraju. The month of February was a very busy month for ASIE, as board members and members volunteered many hours of their time by attending four major events. In addition to two pictured events, ASIE also participated in Math Counts competition and Science & Engineering Fair of Houston (SEFH). The Math Counts was held at Flour Corporation in Sugar Land. Thirteen ASIE members served as volunteers for this Greater Houston (Region IV) Math Counts Chapter competition. Sekhar Ambadapudi and Rohit Desai served as proctors, and Mahesh Wadhwa, Vishal Merchant, Raj Basavaraju, Sai Gowthami, Poolkeshi Patel, Raghu Veturi, Shashi Velugati, Sai Rachakonda, Vas Vellore, Priya Patel, and Gaju Patel served as Graders. The SEFH was held at University of Houston on February 28th at the Athletic /Alumni Center. ASIE was the Special Awarding Agency and was represented by eleven volunteers. ASIE provided fourteen 1st place awards in the Junior, Ninth Grade and Senior Divisions for Individual and Team Projects in Aerospace, Chemical, Electrical & Mechanical, and Materials & Bio engineering categories. Hasmuskh Doshi, Showri Nandagiri, Roy Joseph, Sekhar Ambadapudi, Raj Basavaraju, Sai Gowthami, Raghu Veturi, Shashi Velugati, Lacchman Dass, Sandeep Patil, Bhoom Reddy Korpol, Shravani Reddy Korpol, and Sankar Roy were jduges for the competition.

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UH EAA Reception, University of Houston, The event was held at
U of H Hilton on February 24.
Several members of ASIE attended the event.
ASIE presented $500 scholarship to the senior civil engineering student.

University of Houston Prospective Student Evening – This event was organized by India House. ASIE President Raj Basavaraju and Secretary Sai Gowthami attended the event. During the financial discussion as a part of the program, they presented an overview of ASIE. One of the goal of ASIE is to promote the future of students, particularly last several years ASIE had given scholarship to many students of U of H.