Auspicious Laksharchana and Kalashabhishekam at Sri Guruvayurappan Temple


HOUSTON:  Sri Guruvayurappan Temple of Houston (A Krishna Temple) organizes Laksharchana with Vishnu Sahasranamam . Laksharchana  (Laksh – Archana) is an auspicious offering  to Lord Sri Guruvayurappan. This ritual will be performed on Sunday, March 11  from 9 am to 12 noon by two main Priests and other accompanying priests.  Sri Erinjadappilli  Padmanabhan Namboothiri  (Dallas temple priest) will  perform this auspicious Pooja  and Veda japam (chanting of Veda-mantra) along with Guruvayurappan temple priest, Sri Kakkad Mana Sasidharan Namboothiri.

Typically, more than 100 devotees will be participating as a group in this auspicious Pooja(Laksharchana). This group  with 100 devotees multiplied by chanting 1000 names of Krishna  is equal to  1 lakh/100000 times chanting of Vishnu Sahasranamam. This special event will start with Kalasham pooja  at  8:30 AM followed by  Laksharchana, Kalashabhishekom ( 11:30 AM) with procession, chenda melam, Utcha pooja (Deeparadhana)  and lunch prasadam. According to Thanthri(chief priest) Brahmasri Divakaran Namboothiri, performing and participating Laksharchana is very auspicious.  

Kalasha Pooja and Laksharchana will be performed in a specially prepared Mandapam (on the right side of Sanctum Sanctorum/Sreekovil). The water in the Kalasham (metal pot) will be used for abhishekam of the deity. This ritual is performed in reverence for the purification of the deity and for the restoration of divinity of the idol. This important ritual, Laksharchana will be done with a coordination of several priests while temple is reverberated with Vishnu Sahasranamam

Laksharchana is a unique ritual to experience the divine vibrations and concentration throughout the pooja and it is believed to achieve health and prosperity. The temple board chairman (Dr.Biju Pillai) informed that volunteers, temple employees and committee members  are working together to  make necessary arrangements for the grand success of event. To register for the Laksharchana and Kalashabhishekam please contact temple at 713-729-8994 and give your details (name and birth star).

Event Location: Sri Guruvayurappan  Temple; 11620 Ormandy St, Houston, TX 77035. For more information contact  Biju Pillai  832-247-3411, Soniya Gopan 409-515-7223.