Avdhoot Baba Shivanandji Visits Houston in June


HOUSTON: His Holiness Avdhoot Baba Shivanandji, “The Father of Indian Healing” and Master of Eastern Vedic Sciences will be conducting a 7-day workshop at Unity Church, 2929 Unity Drive Houston, Texas-77057, beginning June, 26 2013 to July 3 2013.

The shivir is designed to initiate participants into meditation and helping empower one of one’s own inner infinite potential powers.  It is a meditation program that includes various processes of initiation and advanced meditational methods practiced by ancient masters of the Himalayas.

Durga Saptashati: 26 June- 27 June (This is a free event) The Durga Saptshati is the powerful scripture on the Shakti sadhna comprising of 700 shlokas organized into thirteen chapters, which is narrated and widely read in the mythological story form but in reality contains the mystical powers of a human.  Babaji will reveal these hidden messages and activate one’s powers by invoking the divine mother who in the scripture was invoked wholeheartedly by the Demigods after being distressed by the acts of the demons. The loving mother, to protect her creatures, incarnates in various forms and slays the demons after long lasting wars. After intensely meditating on the DurgaSaptshati, Babaji has decoded the sacred Beej Mantras encrypted in each Shloka, which possess enormous power capable of relieving one of his/her karmas and the vices.  Babaji, whose mission is to eradicate sufferings from the world and fill each home with peace, happiness and unconditional love, for the first time in the history of humanity revealed this guarded sacred sadhna to the common man.  In this Shivir, Babaji will initiate people into this sacred sadhna and facilitate participants to release their karmas, which are the root cause of the problems.  The sacred sadhnas are also done in Babajis divine presence thus raising the vibrations to higher dimensions of life.  The divine energies arising out of the recitation of these sacred beej mantras increases the vibrational frequency of each and every cell and the DNA of the body that results scientifically in the miraculous healing of the body, mind and soul.  Regular practice of this Shakti sadhna with pure intention and utmost devotion, empowers the seeker to create a healthy body, a peaceful mind, loving relations, prosperous life and a rapid spiritual growth.

Prati Prasav Sadhna: June 27 2013 to July 3 2013 (This event requires prior registration): Our present is nothing but the outcome  of what our own deeds of the past. The circumstances, obstacles and the problems in life erupt from the deep-rooted psychic impressions in the subconscious that were knowingly or unknowingly accumulated over many past lifetimes with every action, word and thought.  These unresolved problems or issues are sanchit karmas or psychic impressions.  This deep-rooted karma create recurring negative incidents in life until they are completely uprooted.  In order to be released from the suffering, pain or disease one must release them completely.  Prati Prasav Sadhna is the holy practice that helps one surface these deep-rooted karma and release them to higher frequency vibrations created with the help of a Guru who is himself a Master in this ancient practice of Indian Yogis.  In this shivir, one is taught how to shed this heavy load and bring out the inner light in the form of health happiness and prosperity.  It not only involves witnessing past life incidences, but also releasing these negative psychic impressions from one’s subtle bodies.  With the help of Avdhoot Baba Shivanandji’s grace we transcend back to those areas of our past lives and release and heal them. PratiPrasavSadhna is an excellent Sadhana to dissolve fears, phobias, sufferings, limitations and awakening of your consciousness towards infinite dimension.

Shiv Yog Science Beyond Science:  Last year in March 2013, Avdhoot Baba Shivanandji invited the doctors and medical professionals In the New Jersey workshop to carry out comprehensive pre and post Shivir diagnostic tests on randomly chosen participants at this shivir.  Three sadhak volunteers were randomly selected with no pre-screening for any specific health condition or disease pre-disposition for the experiments.  Interview with sample participants brought out a wide spectrum of health conditions ranging from normal, near-normal to highly-complex medical pre-condition.  On the 6th day of the shivir healing was sent to these volunteers, one of whom had been suffering from brain tumor and other two sadhaks.  The live healing session amazed the doctors and medical professionals to see that the brain tumor and gall stones that were first visible on the ultrasound were no more visible on ultrasound.  It shrunk in size and then disappeared.

Many scientists, researchers and doctors were very surprised when His Holiness Avdhoot Baba Shivanandji mentioned that these healings were not miracles but ShivYog’s Science Beyond Science. As the deeper significance of this description was not so obvious, the descriptor Science Beyond Science.

While Shiv Yog has gained popularity in all parts of India and abroad, because of its unique powerful message of self empowerment, it is largely seen as a program that empowered and encouraged seekers to tap into the healing powers and capabilities hidden within themselves.  Babaji has been progressively and consistently revealing the mysteries of life beyond the common and limited understanding known to humans.

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