Avoiding Brain Drain During the Holidays


HOUSTON: While it’s easy to be envious of students who are off of school for an extended break during the holidays, these few weeks should not be a complete escape from learning.  For younger children who are still adjusting to the school schedule, taking a few weeks off of school and lessons can set students back in their education. Even for those who have mastered many learning skills, this extended vacation often makes it harder to get back into the learning regimen once school reopens for the remainder of the year. Best in Class Education Center provided some fun and family-friendly suggestions of what students can do during their extended break over the winter holiday to keep their minds active and ensure they don’t fall behind once school is back in session.

Best in Class Education Center helps K-12 students succeed academically through customized educational programs. The brand is always thinking of ways for students and parents to find new learning opportunities.

Gift Wish-List Activities:
• Depending on your child’s age, there are a few different activities that can be enjoyed while building a holiday gift list. For those who are old enough and don’t believe in Santa Claus, lay out a budget of how much they are allowed to spend on gifts. Let them research different gift options that they want and use math to choose what would fit in the budget. For those who still believe in Santa Clause, remove the budget and let them research different gift options and handwrite a gift list to practice their handwriting and spelling.
• Once all gifts are opened, have your children handwrite their Thank You Letters for the gifts they receive as another opportunity to practice writing and spelling

Gift Giving Ideas
• While it might not be at the top of their lists, consider giving your children gifts that incorporate learning. Some ideas are new books, workbooks, chess sets, puzzles, or science experiments!

Enjoying the Arts
• The holidays are a time when there is no shortage of events. Look for plays, musicals, or concerts to attend with your children. Talk about the event after attending, and ask older students to articulate their opinions.

Road Trips Activities
• It’s common to take long road trips over the holiday break to visit family or take a vacation. To make these car trips not seem as long, prepare a few games for the drive. A few examples are:
• The Alphabet Game – look at license plates or signs for each letter in the alphabet. The first person to go through the entire alphabet wins.
• The Animal Game – one person names an animal, and the next person has to say an animal that starts with the last letter of the first animal’s name.
• The License Plate Game – try to find a license plate from every state.
• If you are still trying to come up with a vacation destination, try incorporating a current lesson into the destination. For example, if your student is learning about the Revolutionary War, plan a trip to Boston to see the location of the Boston Tea Party.

Holiday Reading
• There is no shortage of holiday books that students enjoy. Create a log for the number of books your children read over the break, and provide a gift after they complete a specific number of books.
• To help your student exceed his or her academics goals, a local resource, Best in Class Education Center, offers a variety of customized, supplemental enrichment courses and tutoring options to ensure your student is equipped with the tools they need this school year.

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