AYM 2023 Graduands and DAVSS Students Celebrate Annual Day

AYM graduands cClass of 2023: Aastha Bharati, Anjai Gupta, Arjun Kumar, Maya Bindal, Hemakshi Mahajan, Vir Singhal, Director Sanjay Ahuja and Acharya Bramdeo

By Acharya Bramdeo

HOUSTON: AYM graduands Class of 2023 & DAVSS students and their relatives & friends as well as DAVSS teachers & volunteers and Arya Samaj Greater Houston (ASGH) members & well-wishers joined for an in-person celebration. Acharya Surya Nanda Ji led the Havan and gave his blessings to the graduands.

Shri Sanjay Ahuja ji welcomed all present and left the floor to …. and Lakshya to be the Emcees for the day. The chanting of Veda mantras and Sanskrit shlokas by DAVSS Students, after the Yajna and blessings enthused the audience. The graduands Aastha Bharati, Anjai Gupta, Arjun Kumar, Maya Bindal, Hemakshi Mahajan, Vir Sehgal took turns to relate their path at DAVSS and AYM. referred to the learning at DAVSS/AYM as cherished parts of their lives, the living values would surely be a compass for ethical living, and the other topics empowering them to have a well-rounded personality as well as be a better person in life. All concurred that initially, waking up to be at the Arya Samaj for Sunday School seemed a chore but it really turned out to be an enriching life experience with opportunities to unfold the latent potential within the self.

023 AYM President’s Volunteer Service Awardees with Consul General Aseem Mahajan and Sanjay Ahuja.

In his address, Shri Aseem R. Mahajan, the Houston-based Consulate General of India and Chief Guest for the day expressed his appreciation for the work done by ASGH through DAVMES and DAVSS, leading the way for the young generation to have the best of both US education and the Living Values of Indian culture.

In the convocation address, Acharya Bramdeo emphasized on the need for the graduands to connect to their roots, the Universal Living Values of Sanatan Dharma that would empower them to stay on the righteous path of life, and later give back to society by continuing the tradition of teacher-taught, spreading these values around them, and as role models inspire generations to come. Wishing the graduands well in their life and thanking all the teachers, volunteers, parents, and students, he expressed the wish to see more parents engaged as volunteers.

DAVSS students from Pre-k to 8th graders demonstrated their resourcefulness on stage: reciting poem, Yoga demonstration, tabla performance, dance, Vedic Mathematics, and Science project. The program concluded with Bhajans under Ms. Smriti Ji’s guidance, Aarti and Shanti Paatha (prayers for universal peace.)


DAV Sanskriti School Registration for Year 2023-24 is now open. See link: https://tinyurl.com/davssreg2023-24

DAVSS Summer School: Sundays July 2, 9, 16, 23 & Thursday 27 to Sunday 30. This registration will also give access to the Arya MahaSammelan Youth Camp during the last weekend of July. See link: https://www.jotform.com/build/231268584412154

– Activities during Summer School (July 2, 9, 16, 23) : Yajna/Havan, Vedic Culture, Yoga, Music, Team Building (collaboration) activities, Creativity & Fun games

– Activities during the Arya MahaSammelan Youth Camp (July 27-30) include cultural programs, interactive sessions, fun activities…, and a tour is being planned for the Youth participants for Saturday July 28 to the Eternal Gandhi Museum and Texas Typhoon.