Beat hair loss at home with these yoga asanas


Hair loss is one of the most talked about and common conditions that people suffer from, and ironically is one of the most common problems that people want a solution for. But, instead of reaching for artificial methods to stop hair fall and stimulate hair growth, try an all natural method – yoga. Here are some of them:


Acupressure to relieve hair fall:

Balayam, literally meaning exercise for the hair, is an acupressure therapy which is useful in increasing the circulation in the scalp and is believed to stimulate the growth of hair. Originally practised a number of years ago, this exercise was made famous by Baba Ramdev. Balayam is a technique where the acupressure points associated with the growth of hair are massaged. These points, mainly present in the tip of the finger (under the finger nails) help stimulate hormones that promote hair growth and hair darkening, help improve circulation in the scalp, revitalise hair follicles and beat oxidative stress (one of the most common reasons for hair fall).

Steps to do this pose: Sit comfortably in padmasana, now bend your finger tips so that they face each other. Point your thumbs away from your fingers (do not rub the tips of the thumbs together). Now, rub the nails of one hand with the nails of the other hand. Make sure you rub only the broadest part of the nails together.