Beep song controversy: Music composer Anirudh Ravichander writes a letter to Chennai police- Find out why!


The beep song has taken the state of Tamil Nadu by storm. It has also made the lives of actor Silambarasan and musician Anirudh Ravichander very difficult. While STR faced the brunt of the people’s wrath, Anirudh was out of the country and was largely sheltered from the controversy. Finally. the composer has released a statement after maintaining silence on the matter for sometime.

Anirudh Ravichander sent a letter to the Race course police station through his lawyer M Sundaravadivelu. He stated that he could not appear to the summons of the police as he is currently out of country for professional purposes. He was busy touring around and conducting concerts dedicated to the victims of the Chennai flood.

Here is an excerpt from the letter,” I was in Canada and now I have traveled to London relating to my work. So, I am not able to personal appear before the police station and I will return to India by the second week of January and I assure that I will appear before the police as soon as I get back to India.”

About his involvement in the making of the beep song, he said,,”I am being dragged into this issue by some unscrupulous party who has intended to tarnish my reputation in the music industry. I have great regard and respect for women and would never be associated in any form of art that derogates or hurts the sentiments of women.”

The musician is expected to appear before the police on the second week of this month. Anirudh and Simbu were alleged to make derogatory comments about women in a leaked song titled the Beep Song which landed them in legal trouble. Only time will tell if the music composer is as innocent as he says or if he is actually guilty.

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