Befikre Movie Review: Ranveer Singh, Vaani Kapoor’s Chemistry Is Middling At Best


A not-so-shudh desi romance, Befikre is posited as an extravagant ode to the adventures of unfettered youth.

The film plays out mostly on touristy locations in the French capital and on sundry dance floors and nightclubs.

But are its pretty frames and foot-tapping songs worth the price of a multiplex ticket? Well, depends entirely on what one is seeking from a weekend watch.

Produced, written and directed by Aditya Chopra, the free-wheeling tale of lust and love gets buried under a crushing bulk of badinage that eventually yields no more than layers of surface gloss: nice to behold but flimsy in the main.

There is no denying that Befikre is beautifully staged and lensed. So, no matter how insubstantial the film is as an exploration of physical passion and its pitfalls, there is no reason to believe that it wouldn’t be crowd-pleasing.

The film ends by exhorting the audience to “kiss free, love free, live free” while it seems to suggest that marriage is akin to jumping off a cliff into the sea.

But not to worry, the message that Befikre transmits is: if love is strong enough, you will float. If it isn’t, you plunge into the unknown. The corollary: “love is life”.

And that takes us right back to the motto of Yash Chopra’s romantic dramas. So, all things considered, Befikre isn’t as radical as might seem at first glance.

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