Tips for Organizing Homework Assignments


It’s 7 p.m. and your child just remembered a homework assignment that’s due tomorrow. If this happens all too often, it’s time to get organized to help combat stress for you and your child, while creating a sustainable routine to accomplish daily homework tasks. Here are some great tips to stay on track and save everyone’s sanity:

1. Use different colored folders. Your child can use red for history, green for English, blue for math, etc. Keep homework assignments in their respective folders. Assigned work can go in the left pocket and completed work can move to the right.
2. Mark due dates on a big calendar and make a shopping list for any supplies that may be needed for assignments. Use colored markers for different subjects and due dates.
3. Set up email or text message reminders to help everyone know what’s ahead. Be sure to also go over the assignments and talk about how to accomplish them in a timely fashion.
4. Set up a homework station in a quiet area of the home. Lay out everything that is needed to get work done successfully: pens, pencils, markers, scissors, paper, laptop, etc. Make it comfortable and an inviting place for your child to study.
5. Make sure the work area is free of distractions — no TV, cellphones or video games. This sends a message that this is a work-only zone. If there isn’t enough room in your home to devote to a work area, a cart on wheels can serve the same function.
6. Save stellar homework to display in the work area. Everyone thrives on praise, and it provides more motivation for your student. If something didn’t meet expectations, discuss ways to make improvements.
7. Set aside a time to work on school assignments each day. This will get your child into the routine of working to complete a task, leading to fewer frantic moments.
8. Talk about how to do research and what online resources are acceptable. Discuss plagiarism and appropriate ways to use these online sources.
9. If focusing is a problem, spend a few minutes working out a list of priorities and how to tackle them. Cross each one off as it’s completed to create a sense of accomplishment.
10. When homework is completed, proofread it, put all work into a backpack, and place it by the door. This will give your student a sense of routine and accomplishment for the evening.

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