Bhaiyyaji to ‘crack a deal’ with Chakor’s look-alike, Chunni in Colors’ Udann?


Colors’ popular show, Udann (Guruodev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada) is witnessing an interesting turnaround with Bhaiyyaji (Sai Ballal) hallucinating the dead Chakor’s (Spandan Chaturvedi) presence everywhere…

To make matters worse, Bhaiyyaji and Manohar (Moni Rai) now encounter Chakor’s look-alike, Chunni.

As per the ongoing track, the little girl Chunni has stolen Manohar’s bag and is running for safety.

In tonight’s episode, Bhaiyyaji and Manohar will have close encounters with Chunni as they run behind her. And for the first time, Manohar will be scared of seeing Chakor’s ghost.

However, after mustering courage, the duo will decide to talk to the girl Chunni to know whether she is actually Chakor’s ghost or a look-alike of her.

Meanwhile, Bhaiyyaji will be shocked to know of Shakuntala Devi’s will which states that there are four shares to her property – Kamal, Amma, Manohar and Chakor. Hearing this, Bhaiyyaji will be upset about Dadi giving a share to the dead Chakor. This will actually raise their curiosity to know more about Chunni’s identity.

And here will be revealed Chunni’s identity to the viewers…

Are you curious to know who she will be?

As per reliable sources, “Bhaiyyaji and Manohar will come face to face with Chunni who is doing a rope walk on the streets. Bhaiyyaji will go and talk to Chunni and will promise to give her huge money, in return to which she has to do some work for him.”

Will Chunni accept Bhaiyyaji’s proposal? How will the story move forward?

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