Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap: Will Ajabde succeed in calming down an angry Maldev?


Looks like Rao Maldev (King of Marwar) will be paid an unexpected visit by Jaivantabai Bai and Uday Singh. Although guests are usually happily welcomed, this incident will upset the King. What will Ajabde do to cool off his temper?

While the last episode of  Bharat Ka Veer Putra- Maharana Pratap showcased a finalization of Maharana Pratap’s marriage with Phool, the upcoming episode will witness the arrival of Rao maldev’s (King of Marwar) (Surendra Pal) wife and sister to Dheerabai, Uma.

Dheerabai( Aashka Goradia) will be seen informing Udai Singh( Shakti Anand) about sending Phool( Jannat Zubair) and Pratap’s (Faisal Khan) wedding invitation to her sister Uma. Ajabde (Roshni Walia) and Pratap meanwhile will be seen consoling Jaivantabai (Rajshree Thakur) as she is furious with Ajabde for sacrificing her own marriage with Pratap.

The episode will also showcase the introduction of Haji Khan, who will be approached for companionship by Akbar. Ajabde on the other hand will be seen telling Phool of Uma’s arrival. Uma is seen arriving at the kingdom and meeting Phool. She will express her joy regarding Pratap’s union with Phool and will ask Uday Singh to send Pratap in order to pay a visit to Rao Maldev in Ghanerao. However, this idea is protested by Jaivantabai.

Rao Maldev along with his younger wife Suabhagyadevi will be introduced in this episode. Meanwhile Uday Singh and Jaivantabai will be seen leaving for Ghanerao. This move, might not turn out too well for the King and his mother, as Ajabde overhears Uma telling Dheerabai that Rao Maldev is likely to insult Uday Singh on his unexpected arrival.

On reaching Ghanerao, Uday Singh and Jaivantabai will be greeted by Saubhagyadevi’s father and samant of Marwar, Jait Singh. We will see Ajabde informing Pratap and Phool about Maldev’s unawareness about uday Singh’s arrival and she will send Pratap to Maldev along with Marwar’skuldevi’s murti to handle the situation and cool off the King’s temper….

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