Bigg Boss 10: Synopsis Day 50


With Manu’s untimely exit from the show following a family emergency , sadness seems to have engulfed the Bigg Boss house. Feeling the pinch of Manu’s absence, Mona and Manveer have frequent breakdowns. Next day, the housemates wake up to the tunes of ‘Sar Jo Tera Chakraye’. While having a discussion with Priyanka, Mona taunts her by saying that she must be very happy since their trio is now separated. Mona adds that she always wanted to break their alliance and has finally managed to do it. In her defense, Priyanka says that Manu and Manveer were never Mona’s friends and she always had a misconception about it. 

Kick-starting the nominations for the week, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to unanimously nominate one contestant out of the three wild card entrants- Jason, Sahil, and Priyanka basis their entertainment factor from the  viewer’s point of view. After the housemates announce Priyanka as the weakling, she looses her cool and lashes out at the housemates. She tells them that their decision is very unfair and they are targeting a wrong person. Confronting Bani about their decision, Priyanka gets into a major fight with her. She accuses Bani of not supporting her during nominations. Agitated with Priyanka, Bani tells her that she will any day prefer  Jason and Sahil over her and hence she did not nominate them. After Priyanka refuses to listen to Bani, they both get into a yelling match.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss asks all the contestant to gather in the living area for the next leg of nominations. Priyanka, however, refuses to become a part of the process and instead tucks herself in bed. Manveer, Bani, Nitibha and Gaurav try to convince her to let go of her anger and complete the nominations process but she refuses to move even a bit. Priyanka’s even ends up disregarding Bigg Boss by not following his instructions and gets reprimanded for it. Discussing the every changing dynamics inside the house, Gaurav tells Sahil, Jason and Bani that Mona might be a part of Manu and Manveer’s group but in Manu’s absence, others don’t consider as an integral part of the system. He further says that with Manu gone from the house, they can easily get Mona on their side.

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