Biggies pay lower online platform fee than small cos

Representative image (Reuters)

BENGALURU: Large online sellers who have affiliations or investments from e-tailers like Amazon and Flipkart  are paying only about 5-11% of their revenue as marketplace fee, while regular third-party sellers typically pay at least 15% as platform fee.

The latest balance sheets of major online sellers like Cloudtail, Appario Retail, and Tech-Connect Retail show the amount they pay as platform fee to online marketplaces. Cloudtail paid Rs 315 crore as platform fee to Amazon on a revenue of Rs 7,149 crore in FY2018. That’s 4.4%. It’s about 11% for Tech-Connect Retail, which owns one of the largest sellers on Flipkart, RetailNet. These entities drive large volumes of sale for companies like Amazon and Flipkart.


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