Blockbuster Grand Opening for Bombay Bazaar!

SUGAR LAND: On the very last day of the first half of the year, Bombay Bazaar opened as the largest all vegetarian Indo-American Grocery Store in Houston with a bang! 

The theme of the blockbuster Grand Opening event was everything Bombay. Patrons were delighted to receive “Ghoda Gadi” or Horse Carriage rides reminiscent of their youths spent along Bombay’s Marine Drive and enjoyed refreshing complimentary Pani Puri’s – the most famous Bombay street food – all day long, in addition to Masala Chai, water and cooling popsicles.  A Bombay train ticket taker checked for giveaway “tickets” and kept the crowds from exceeding capacity, while a Chaiwallah drew patrons to try Brooke Bond’s love tea tasting of the everyday favorite “Red Label” and the premium “Taj Mahal” teas. “The sale was like Diwali in July!” said shopper Smita Chawla.  Many people in Bombay and other parts of India still eat in steel plates, bowls, and glasses, so Bombay Bazaar featured a big section of steel utensils at below cost prices, like steel “vatis” for 50 cents.  “The Tawa that was on sale 10AM – 2PM for only $1.99, I could not get this quality and price even in India in rupees!” said Bindiya Patel.


Owners Abhishek Chaudhari and his father Narayan, who have built their reputation for quality groceries and exceptional customer service from their KT Bombay Bazaar for 10 years, were at the door awarding the first 150 customers with gifts such as a complete Thali Sets, Kadai and chai pots, and gift bags filled with Deep products.  The line to get inside the store was long and wrapped around the entire building and the Bombay Chowpatty restaurant.  The center has a huge Parking lot and it was packed before the store even opened.  Masala Radio had hyped the grand opening day for six weeks and lines formed at the 3 open checkout lines as patron gathered carts full of sales like Suraj Sona Massori Rice for $8.99 with free Bru coffee. Vegetables were as low as $.39 a pound, 10-cilantro bunches for $1, and 20 limes for a $1.   


Masala Radio had promoted and organized the Grand Opening Dhamaal with DJ Nishad spinning Bollywood music, wind dancers, tents, hundreds of balloons, and the popular non stop Ghoda Gadi rides.  Sandhya Thakkar organized the salad making contest where 8 participants raced around the store gathering all ingredients in 2 minutes and getting another 7 minutes to chop, dress, and present their salad Creations.  Some had pre-planned and brought their own chopped ingredients while most of the people joined on the spot. Bombay Bazaar’s Abhishek Chaudhari awarded First prize 5L Prestige pressure cooker to Bhavan, Nima won the 2nd prize of 3L cooker, and the third place was awarded to Jyotsana.   All participants were delighted to get to keep their gathered ingredients.  Shortly after this contest, guests were invited to a tasting of the freshly made rotis.  Even those waiting in long checkout lines that wrapped around the store smiled as they let the fresh fully puffed rotis melt into their mouths.  All customers on grand opening day received a complimentary pack of fresh rotis.


 Dipali Patel was surprised to see such a huge crowd and begged owner Abhishek to bypass the line and eyeball a total for his groceries, for which Abhishek graciously obliged – the total came to $50 and dipali generously paid $100 and wished Abhishek the best of luck.   Abhishek said laughing “this is the first time I got a tip and it’s a good feeling.”  We didn’t expect this crowd and it’s not just today. Ever since Masala Radio started promoting our new store, people have been pouring in”.  Abhishek’s father Narayan who started the first KT Bombay bazaar 10 years ago said “I didn’t believe in marketing even though I have enjoyed the comedy and humor on Masala radio I never advertised. My son Abhishek insisted that for the new store, we gave Masala Radio the job to promote the store and grand opening.    To my surprise I got 1000 times more result than I expected. Hats off to the entire team of Masala radio and special thanks to Sandhyaben”.


The father and son team thanked their family and friends who volunteered to help with the grand opening crowds, as well as the generous suppliers who arranged the specials.  Due to heavy public demand, they have extended their grand opening sale for another 3 weeks.


You can take advantage of these specials only at the Bombay Bazaar at the Gateway of Sugar Land at 11720 W. Airport @ Kirkwood.