Bollywood Blast 2018 – “Om Shanti”

sanskriti_inHOUSTON: It’s that time of the year again – Bollywood Blast time! The signature event, which was started 13 years ago, is the brainchild of the visionary Anil Kumar, who predicted that it would one day become the most popular Indian presentation at the Miller Outdoor Theatre. BOLLYWOOD BLAST has been imitated, cloned, copied, but still remains the first of its kind in Houston, and indeed a trailblazer, AND a trendsetter, in every sense of the word.

This year, in a special tribute to Miller Outdoor Theatre’s 95th Anniversary, Samskriti will be presenting Agni Entertainment of Austin in “OM SHANTI”. Through colorful songs, sets, and characters, Om Shanti tells the story of Om, a court dancer madly in love with the princess, Shanti, in a land called Bollywood, whose soul was song and dance until everything changed. Director/producer Prakash Mohandas says of the production, “This grand musical will be unlike anything Texas has seen, a production infused with all the wonders of Bollywood—lights, costumes, dance, music and melodrama playfully revealing a saga on stage: of celebration, friendship, hope, love, life, after-life, revenge, and more.”

Agni Entertainment’s prime focus is the production, promotion and distribution of independent film and theatre projects. Agni also aims to spread its wings into the arenas of media management and entertainment news. Its goal is to establish the missing links in the south Asian arts industry outside of Asia and eventually create a thriving, stand-alone industry in countries outside the Asian sub-continent. Prakash Mohandas, founder and CEO of Agni Entertainment, is a filmmaker, entrepreneur, actor, dancer, and musician and is also the founder of Agni Dance Company and Agni Foundation for the Arts based in Austin, TX. His other theatrical works include Lanka, Strings of time, Disco Deewane and the Big Fat Indian Wedding. Prakash has also made a series of short and feature length films.

BOLLYWOOD BLAST has been made possible by a grant from the City of Houston through the Miller Theatre Advisory Board, and will take place on Labor Day Sunday, September 2, 8.15 PM. Admission is FREE, as also parking. For ‘free’ tickets to the reserved seating area, visit or call 832-275-9658.