Bollywood Grind with Super Star Govinda

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By Vanshika Vipin

HOUSTON: In every phenomenon the beginning always remains the most notable moment. And what a spectacular beginning did we have for the most awaited, highly acclaimed event, “Bollywood Grind with Super Star Govinda”.

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This grand event is expected to win several hearts in the city of Houston, on August 15, at the Legendary Arena Theatre. This event, organised by Moid Khan and Irfan Moosa from Bollywood Shows 4U, is all set to thrill & delight audiences with the charm of Superstar Govinda and the charisma of Bollywood Diva’s Esha Deol & Neha Dhupia. Whilst Comedy King VIP is sure to add more laughs to your life, Pop & Sufi singer Rincy Singh and Singer & Anchor Lucky String will sweep you off your feet with some intriguing and enchanting music.

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To formally announce this event, a press conference was held on August 6, at Kohinoor Diamonds. Bollywood Star Govinda along with glamorous Esha Deol were present to grace the ocassion. Govinda, who seems to have lost oodles of weight, was seen wearing an admirable white suit while Esha Deol  looked stunning, flaunting her designer wear. Meena Dutt, the emcee of the event introduced the stars to the audience and after the pleasantries being exchanged, they were happy to be ‘grilled’ by the Press.

A hero of the masses, an entire generation has grown up on Govinda’s brand of loud, slapstick comedy. As usual, he charmed the pants off the press with his million-watt smile, answering all their questions and stating that he was happy to meet them and perform at this event. When asked which of the mediums- through films, stage shows or politics, did he connect the most with his fans, he wittily asked not to be reminded of his political career move, thereby having the room in splits. He mentioned that he realized his audience’s love for him through his overall experiences in life and considered his fans as his extended family. On being asked about his comeback after half a decade, with a negative role in Kill Dill, he honestly replied that while he was hesitant to take up this role when Aditya Chopra approached him, it was his wife who made him see reasons to go for it. While most of the questions were directed towards Govinda, Esha too gladly replied to the ones being thrown at her. Delicious food, courtesy ‘Bhojan’, was served during the press conference. As soon as the Q&A got over people lined up for some selfie-time and photo session with the stars.

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