Businessman Runs in GOP Primary for Congress in Illinois


Republican businessman Krishna Bansal has announced his candidacy for Congress in the 84th District in Illinois.

By Indiawest

United States: India-born Krishna Bansal, a businessman in Naperville, Ill., is the first Republican to enter the spring primary in 2014 for the 84th District seat in the U.S. Congress in Illinois.

The seat is currently held by Democrat Stephanie Kifowit of Arora, Ill., and includes portions of Naperville, Aurora, Montgomery, Oswego and Boulder Hill.

The 43-year-old Bansal told Chicago Daily Herald that he is running to help families and businesses. “The reason I came to Illinois was so I could get a better future, a better education for my family and I wanted to grow my business,” said Bansal.

The Indian American candidate plans to use his experience as chief executive officer and president of Naperville-based Q1 Technologies Inc. to cut unnecessary spending, reduce taxes and improve state government.

A member of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, he also pledges to support education — from primary schools to state universities.

“One of the major reasons for my running is so we can have even better education in our state,” Bansal told the Daily Herald.

He previously ran unsuccessfully for the school board in Indian Prairie Unit District 204, where his 11- and 12-year-old daughters are attending school, the newspaper said.

Naperville Mayor George Prade named the Indian American businessman a volunteer manager for Indian community outreach.