Can there be another Shaktiman


A very loaded question!  Shaktiman is the first Indian superhero on Indian television aired on Doordarshan since September 1997. The character’s name is Pandit Shastri ably played by Mukesh Khanna. The seven gurus of the Suryavanshi sect are determined to destroy the evil Tamraj Kilvish, but to do that they have to destroy all evil in the world first.
The gurus perform a religious ceremony to give Pandit Shastri yogic powers with the help of the five elements – fire, wind, water, earth and sky.  Now, Shastri’s soul develops an indestructible body with super human powers.

Shaktiman – The personality:
Shaktiman can travel at lightening speed, change his size at will and he has telescopic vision.  Parts of his body can separate into fire, wind, water, earth and sky whenever needed. Shaktiman can travel at the speed of light and shoot laser beams from his digits. His body is elastic and stretchable. He is a pro in various forms of martial arts. So there is nothing that Shaktiman cannot do!….

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