Canadian Rockies with Rocky Mountaineer The Ultimate Rail Experience


Travel & Leisure magazine quotes it thus: “One of the World’s Best Life Changing Trips.”  

“Winner of 8 World Travel Awards, for being provider of Leading Travel Experience by Train.”

Traveling the Rocky Mountaineer through the Canadian Rockies is going to be an eye opening experience. It’s the closest you can possibly get to nature, enjoying the expanse, seeing the wildlife and breathing in the crisp, cool fresh air of the majestic Rockies. The train trip provides opportunities to come in contact with and make new friends, explore the mountain range, and eat some of the best cuisine the world has to offer. Vegetarian meals are provided on board, based on prior request. In 2015 The Rocky Mountaineer is celebrating its 25th anniversary and is giving up to $2500 per couple in added value for 7 nights or more journeys booked by August 31.

This unique experience by rail begins in Seattle, Washington, and goes through Vancouver, British Columbia through the new passage along the coast. The Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf Service covers five unique rail experiences.  Trip packages can be booked ranging from a week to a fortnight. The trip also combines the pleasure of enjoying a serene Alaskan cruise at the end of traveling through the Canadian Rockies. Overnight accommodations are set up in best known Hotels in the towns and the train travels through some of the most beautiful cities by the sea.

There are five rail journeys to choose from and are named: First passage to the West, Journey through the Clouds, Rain forest to Gold Rush, Coastal Passage, and Whistler Sea to Sky Climb.

The First passage to the West travels through a range of wildlife which includes a visit to the Yoho National Park, and traveling by serene, clear lakes by high range mountains. It touches Vancouver, Kamloops, Lake Louise, Banff and Calgary.  Journey through the Clouds takes you through the Albreda glacier, through waterfalls, largest salmon fishing run, travels through mountains where you get to see the highest peak Mt.Robson, the stunning Pyramid Falls covers Vancouver, Kamloops and Jasper.  Rainforest to Gold Rush takes you through some of the rarest wilderness sights you and your family can ever see! It covers Whistler, Quesnel and Jasper.  Coastal Passage is a unique three day journey between Seattle and the Canadian Rockies. Cities covered are Seattle and Vancouver while seeing the majestic wildlife of the Canadian Rockies.  Whistler Sea to Sky Climb takes you through the entire stretch of the Canadian coastline. It covers Vancouver, Kamloops, Canadian Rockies, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.


Through all these trips you can explore the wild west just like the explorers did but in the comfort and luxury that the Rocky Mountaineer provides. You and your family would enjoy the best visual sights nature has to offer, the best of wildlife, man made spiraling tunnels, spectacular bridges, deep canyons, and tall mountain ranges.

  Most of all don’t forget to bring one or two pairs of binoculars, a good zoom camera, to capture some of the scenic beauty. You are sure to see wild eagles fishing as they soar above the seas and lakes,  large black bears lumbering through the lush woods, salmon swimming upstream to spawn, a giant mommy bear with her cubs, packs of wild foxes, and other animals across the mountain range. Truly, words cannot describe the pristine quality of nature you will see during this trip. It is truly indescribable!

A Once in a lifetime experience and a must to have on your Travel Wish List!

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