Canadian Teen Receives International Diana Award

Harnoor Gill

Harnoor Gill

GEORGETOWN, Ontario: Teen Harnoor Gill was recently honored with an International Diana Award for a charity set up in memory of Princess Diana.

The Diana Appreciation Society was formed in 2011 in memory of Princess Diana and supports many foundations around the world. It was established as a legacy for the princess, who believed that young people could change the world.

The award is presented to young people who have dedicated their time to helping people, and have made outstanding contributions to their local communities.

The 15-year-old Gill is the founder of the Peace Welcome Club, a grassroots youth-led group based in the Georgetown, Canada, who hopes to get involved in promoting the award.

He was nominated for a Diana Award for his work to engage other young people to make positive changes worldwide. Gill has been awarded for his compassion and selfless commitment to improving the lives of others.

A tenth grader at Christ the King Catholic Secondary School, Gill’s other activities include leading Jean Green Drive, which aims to provide gently used jeans to underprivileged children worldwide; Go Zero Waste, and a Book Drive to promote literacy skills among unfortunate children internationally.

Most recently, Gill was named Canada’s Top 15 under 15, and has also been honored with a YMCA Peace Medallion and The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.