Celebrate the 100th Day of School!


HOUSTON: With the hundredth day of school comes cause for celebration as well as an opportunity for some fun games and activities. For your student, one hundred days can feel like a long time, so recognizing their hundred days of productivity and focus helps them gear up for the remainder of the second semester until summer arrives.

Fortunately, there are tons of ways to celebrate the hundredth day of school. Best in Class Education, which helps K-12 students prepare for academic success through customized educational programs, rounded up the following fun activities that all have to do with the number one hundred.

Create do-it-yourself mad libs with a storyline that has to do with the hundredth day of school.

Mad libs are a fun and easy way to get creative with your student. Encourage their inner writer by coming up with a poem or story line and then see how goofy you can get with the answers. Warning: giggles tend to follow.

Ask your student to write a journal entry based off the topic: “One hundred years from now…”

For young students, it may be hard to imagine what the world could be like in a hundred years, let alone a hundred days.

Spark their imagination and encourage them to think big. This activity is also a good tool for expanding their worldview beyond themselves.

Make a short-term time capsule which can be opened on the hundredth day of the next school year and fill it with pictures, crafts, and other fun items.

The concept of long-term is fairly foreign to children, and the developmental stages they’re experiencing mean major changes every single year. Creating a time capsule, which you can store away or even bury in your backyard, will be illuminating for your student later on when they realize how much they’ve grown since the previous year. Consider adding a questionnaire asking them things like their favorite color, who their best friend is and what they want to be when they grow up.

Have your student guess which cities on a map are one hundred miles away.

Ask your student to draw a map without any reference; chances are their interpretation of the sizing and spacing of states and countries will be rather off. As a fun exercise and opportunity to dream about travelling, look at a map with your student and guess which cities and states are one hundred miles from you. From there, point to all the places you’ve been to (or are planning to go) and find out how many miles away they are to help give the distance some context.

Ask your student to make a list of a hundred things that did not exist a hundred years ago.

For many students, imagining a time without smart phones and video games is probably hard to grasp. Sit with them and help make this list, explaining how people accomplished everyday things without so many of today’s accessible tools.

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