Celebrity trainer Shivoham reveals the ultimate weight loss secret


With so much advice on fitness and diet, it is easy for people to lose the bigger picture. The fact remains, not one fitness plan or diet plan fits all. Celebrity fitness trainer, Deepesh Bhatt aka Shivoham feels it is important for people to at first realise their fitness goals before getting into a workout plan. “People cannot follow celebrities blindly. They have to understand that the main focus of celebrities is to look good, so they have to invest hours on fitness but if you are a working professional, you cannot dedicate that kind of time to fitness.” Also, your weight loss goals will be different from others – fat loss, weight loss, toning, gain muscles or prepare to run a marathon.

Fitness supplements
Shivoham says, “I have heard some celebrities say that they are naturally gifted with flawless skin and toned bodies, this is just half the truth. You can be naturally beautiful and fit up to a certain degree. Post that, a lot of supplements help them achieve what you see.”


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