Channel V’s popular show Sadda Haq completes 100 episodes


When the show was launched last year on Channel V, not many would have thought that in a quick span of time it will bag the numero one spot on the channel.

We are talking about Beyond Dreams Entertainment Pvt Ltd’s Sadda Haq- My Life My Choice that completes 100 episodes tonight.

Firstly, a heartiest congratulations to the entire team.

Coming back, the producer of the show, Yash Patnaik shares, “Somewhere down the line we knew the concept was a phenomenal one and will do well, but with this being our first youth show, there definitely was lot of apprehensions. But thankfully we received tremendous response from the channel and it had been a rewarding and happy journey for us.”

“With youngsters having no background in acting, the actors have worked really well having surrendered themselves to the hands of the creatives. Also we brought young authors who knew nothing about TV on board. But I think I should give 100 percent credit to my wife Mamta who helmed the project completely. And all these years I have realised that any show with a good content and honesty goes a long way,” he smiles.

The show’s lead Harshita Gaur who plays Sanyukta excitedly tells us, “It’s a really happy moment for us. Frankly speaking when I took up this show I was confident about it doing really well for it’s a very different and interesting. But the amount of love and appreciation we have been receiving is very heart warming. And I have always wanted to be popular and loved, and Sanyukta’s character has brought that in my life. I hope the show continues doing well. Also I would like to thank all the fans for appreciating my work and loving me so much.”…6

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