Children’s Museum Houston Celebrates Holi with Hindus of Greater Houston

Children playing Holi


HOUSTON: Hindus of Greater Houston (HGH) welcomed the Spring season and brought the joy of Holi celebration to the broader community by hosting events at Children’s Museum Houston and Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center (FBCDC) in Sugar Land. The events were held on Saturday, March 23 rd and Sunday, 24 th.

HGH worked in partnership with CMH to conceive and design Holi celebrations which are age appropriate for children from 5 to 14 years of age. An outdoor area was set up in the courtyard for the event. Children were delighted to play and throw colored Gulaal on each other while Bollywood Holi songs played. Parents danced to the music as the children enjoyed the freedom and joy to color each other with abandon.

Families of three generations together gathered at Holi table

Children were given the option to wear a poncho and protective goggles, so that they can continue to visit rest of the museum. Inside the museum, HGH distributed` pamphlets which explained what Holi is, how it is celebrated, the stories behind it and its place and influence on popular culture, music and art. Parents were delighted to have
the information which they can read to kids at home. HGH also gave away Gulaal in six different colors for kids and parents to take home.

Many learnt about Holi for the first time and some had heard of it before but never had the opportunity to experience the joy of colors themselves. The event was very well received and feedback from the parents and kids was effusive. Stephanie Weisinger, Gallery Programs Coordinator of CMH said, “This is our first time partnering with HGH to bring Holi to the Houston community. This was a great success. The feedback from parents and kids has been terrific.” She added that, “We can expand this to accommodate more children next year and make it available to a broader audience including the parents to celebrate with their kids and friends”.

Daughter applying Gulaal to mom. Kids got to take Gulaal bags home.

Last October, HGH partnered with CMH and FBCDC to celebrate Diwali with Rangoli activity for children. HGH Board member Chetan Davé said, “We are delighted with our growing partnership with CMH to make Hindu holidays more accessible to the broader community. We started with Diwali, the festival of lights. Now Holi, festival of colors! We are building a long-term partnership with CMH for the benefit of the broader community and sharing our culture with cheer and joy.”

HGH is also advising CMH on an upcoming interfaith exhibit at CMH next year which seeks to foster unity and understanding among all faith communities in Houston.


Kids spin color wheel to get matching Gulaal packet to take home. Parents received pamphlets explaining the significance of Holi.