Choti Rani to kill Yuvraj and Manu in &TV’s Adhuri Kahani Hamari


&TV’s reincarnation saga Adhuri Kahani Hamari (4 Lions) has been keeping audience engaged and surprised with its interesting story line.

Well, the audience has seen that Choti Rani (Preet Kaur Madan) is against Yuvraj (Laksh Lalwani) as she wants her son to be the next Prince.

Now in the upcoming episode, viewers will see Choti Rani plotting to kill Yuvraj.

Adds a source, “Choti Rani will poison Yuvraj’s kheer which would be specially prepared for his birthday. Manu (Mahima Makwana) will see Choti Rani doing this and would tell Badi Rani (Pragati Mehra) about it. But no one will believe her and hence to prove herself right, she will go on to consume it. And soon would fall dead.”

Further our source shared, seeing Manu dead, Yuvraj will also eat the kheer and would kill himself.

As per the ritual, only the ‘naag mani’ will be able to save both of them. And hence, Badi Rani will ask her associates to bring the naag mani.

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