Classical Art Society’s Fall Festival Goes Virtual

Houston: Classical Arts Society of Houston invites lovers of Carnatic music, aficionados and connoisseurs alike to view its Fall Festival’s “VIRTUAL” line up from September through December.

• Saturday, September 26 at 10 am CST – LecDem by Sikkil Gurucharan

It begins with a Facebook live lecture demonstration on Saturday, September 26 at 10 am CST by a young and articulate Sikkil Gurucharan titled “Unraveling a live concert – the Carnatic way” which seeks to engage viewers on Carnatic music appreciation. A video clip introduction to this talk can be found on the Facebook page of Classical Arts Society of Houston.  Knowing how to appreciate Carnatic music makes the experience a lot more enjoyable.  To give you an example, watching the movie Apollo 13 is multifold times more enjoyable if you know the physics of space travel!! Please don’t miss this opportunity to listen to Sikkil Gurucharan unravel a live Carnatic concert!!

• October 1 – October 15 daily at 7 pm CST – Youth Festival

Fri., October 16, 6.30pm CST – Interactive concert by Ramakrishna Murthy.

Second in line is our Houston Yuva Kala Utsav, HYKU for short, curated by members of our board, namely, Lakshmi Srivaths, Sridevi Joysula and Abhishek Balakrishnan.  This will feature a variety of vocal and instrumental music of both the north and the south. The link to this on our FB page provides the daily schedule.  It is again a “virtual” youth festival from October 1 to October 15, comprising of Facebook premier feature of  our own USA youth at 7 pm CST daily for an hour, culminating in a concert followed by a Live interactive session, on Friday, October 16, 630 pm CST, by USA born and raised Ramakrishna Murthy who has already become an acclaimed musician in the Carnatic music circles in Chennai.

• Sunday, November 15, 6 pm CST – Sikkil Gurucharan concert

Third in line is our Sunday, November 15, Facebook Premier concert at 6pm CST by the well-established Carnatic artist Sikkil Gurucharan, who will have kicked off our festival with his lecdem earlier in September.

• Saturday December 4, 6pm CST – Ranjana Gayatri  Pre-Marghazi Concert

Our final fall festival presentation is on the “Voncert” platform on Saturday December 4 at 6pm CST by the famous sisters Ranjani & Gayatri. This will be a ticketed event and the Classical Arts Society FB page will give you the details.

As the festival will use online platforms like Facebook, hurry and get a Facebook account, if you don’t have one already and go to the Classical Arts Society page on Facebook and hit “Like”…. it is simple but very empowering!

Please mark your calendars and view the concerts (as detailed in the attached flyer) from the comfort of your home. For questions on any of the above concerts, you may contact Nalini Sadagopan ( or Prabha Bala ( or you may send a message on the FB page of Classical Arts Society of Houston.