Club 24 Plus Members Experience the Magic of Diwali in Rajasthan … in The Woodlands


Drs. Suresh and Sunita Moonat (left) in their palatial home in The Woodlands with Club 24 Co-Founder Ashok Garg, Event Chair Alpa Shah, President Manisha Gandhi and Signature Event committee member Vidya Upadhyay.

By Pramod Kulkarni

THE WOODLANDS: Diwali 2018 was an extraordinary Signature Event for Club 24 Plus members. Club members and their guests were able to experience the lakes and forests of The Woodlands while enjoying the cultural and culinary experience of Rajasthan at the home of Drs. Suresh and Sunita Moonat.

Guests dressed up in their traditional Rajasthani attire, watched musical videos of traditional Rajasthani folk singers, and enjoyed culinary delights such as Dal Bhati, Ker Sangri, Kadi and a splendid variety of mithais for desert, including Churma.

Singature Event Chair Alpa Shah welcomed the guests, “Diwali is the festival of lights celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains throughout the world. It is not just the occasion of celebrations, but provides a noble, divine vision to attain a higher goal in life.”

“This evening we celebrate Diwali, an opportunity to illuminate our inner light,” suggested President Manisha Gandhi. “On this special occasion, I wish you and your family success in new hopes, new dreams, and new ventures.”

The Moonat family lit the traditional Diwali diya.

The Moonat family lit the traditional Diwali diya.

Outreach Committee Chair Mary Grace Landrum then thanked Elsie Rao for her lead in organizing the recent Dining in the Dark event at the Lighthouse for the Blind and asked the guests to bring a Christmas toy for the upcoming Holiday Party to donate to needy families in the Heights.

Club 24 Plus Co-Founder Ashok Garg greeted new members and said, “Our Club 24 is now fully subscribed with 65 members. We would like to keep it small to make the group manageable.” Garg welcomed  to the podium club member Michael Landrum, who is up for reelection as the judge of the Harris County 113th District Court. Judge Landrum has been endorsed by The Houston Chronicle.

The Diwali celebrations began with the Moonat Family lighting the traditional Diwali lamp. Dr. Sunita Moonat thanked the audience for traveling all the way to The Woodlands and described the consolidation of Princely states after independence into Rajasthan, the largest state of the Indian union. “Rajasthan is very vibrant with its unique arts, architecture and culture.”

Dr. Sunita Moonat said the Marwari food served at the Signature Event was specially prepared by the ladies of the Moonat family. “Because of the scarcity of water, Rajasthani food is very healthy as it is based on grains and ghee!” Dr. Suresh Moonat urged the audience to eat Dal Bhati with their fingers, just as you would hamburgers or tacos, as it brings out its delicious, real flavor.
The evening concluded with Karaoke music of Bollywood golden oldies and new songs from the local Mohanty family.