Club 65 and Golden Club Jointly Organize a Historic Memorable Picnic


Members of Club 65 and Golden Club

By Jaseem Pasha MD

HOUSTON: Houstonian Seniors of Club 65, in collaboration with Golden Club, jointly organized a joyful and unforgettable historic picnic at Washington on the Brazos State Historic Site on Sunday, the May 22. The club members enjoyed the tour of the Independence Hall where a formal Declaration of Independence from Mexico was signed. It was the location where 59 elected delegates gathered on March 2, 1836 to declare Texas’ independence from Mexico.

The Club 65 boasts having Senior Houstonians of considerable diversity in the background of nationalities, cultures, religions and languages. Together, the Club 65 and  the Golden Club shared their rich vision of diversity and pluralism, thus adding value toward the experience of rich cultural and social interactions. Every diverse group looked beautiful, seeing each other through the lens of love, tolerance and mutual respect, enjoying delicious food in the background of music and people singing.

There was a large turnout of club members and the two clubs had to arrange two buses to transport all of them.


From left: Paru M, Mike (county bus driver), Farida B, Farida J, and Rozina J

The program started with a warm welcome from Paru McGuire, President of the Club 65. She The entire picnic arrangements were made jointly by Paru McGuire, President of Club 65, and Mazahir Khan and Jamil Chunawala of Golden Club.

The members of both the clubs spent a couple of hours playing Antakshri singing Bollywood songs. Antakshri is a spoken parlor game in which each contestant sings the first verse of a movie song that begins with the consonant on which the previous contestant’s song selection ended. The key participants were Paru McGuire, Jamil Chunawala, Tasneem Khan, Akber Lakhani, Diamond Mohammad and Zarina Mohamed, Yunus Munshi, and Noor Pasha.

The success of the programs would be impossible without the Club 65’s team of trusted pros, like Club 65’s leaders like Paru McGuire (President), Rahat Kalle, Rozina Jafferali and Farida Jinnah, who are well versed in invigorating and inspiring the seniors. This also explains why more and more seniors of the Greater Houston Area are seeking to join the Club 65 to be included in the regular picnics and entertainment put together by the Club volunteers.

The club has traditionally engaged high turnouts of membership every time there were celebration activities, such as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Diwali, Easter, Christmas and Eid Milan.

Club 65 is a non-profit organization under the umbrella of IMAGH (Indian Muslims of Greater Houston).

To find out more about Club 65 or to become a member, please visit, or call Paru Mcguire at 440-390-1763.