Club 65 Celebrates Christmas Early

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By Dr. Jaseem Pasha

HOUSTON:While the Houstonian Seniors were still raving about the uplifting Christmas Party that was hosted by the Club 65 last month, the Club kicked off the New Year of 2015 with another joyful and invigorating party on January 3, enlivened with songs, music and dances.

The venue was at Bayland Community Center, at 6400 Bissonnet Street in Houston. The seniors thronged at the entrance of the Hall, creating an ambience as if the holiday spirit was not over. The hall looked festive with colorful tablecloths, New Year Balloons and fresh flowers on the reception table.

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To the delight of every senior, a special little gift was handed out to each member. The gift was given as a courtesy of Fatehali Chatur, who is well known in Houston community for his passion for serving the seniors.

Paru McGuire, President of Club 65 welcomed the members to yet another exciting and fun filled day.

Among the few organizational items, Paru McGuire encouraged the members to volunteer for different committees. The members’ response was enthusiastically positive. She also reminded the members for the final sign-up to the Casino trip scheduled for January 18. Twenty more members signed up for the same.

The theme was “Bollywood” and Maithily Sripadam along with her three assistants led the Club 65 members into a medley of Bollywood hits. The response was overwhelming with the members eager to learn the dance. Both male and female members participated.

The hour went by fast and Club 65 members were also entertained with the 3 assistants performing a couple of dances.

This was followed by a scrumptious lunch and garma garam chai. With delicious food, music and dance, the event was well attended.

The second half of the program was Bingo, led by Farina Jinnah. Each and every member participated in the game and prizes were handed out to the winners. There was the initial confusion regarding rules for the game, which was soon smoothed out and the game proceeded with a lot of applause for each winner as they won a prize.

The event also highlighted the annual membership drive, in addition to the members paying their annual dues. There were several seniors who also signed and became the new members. The club that has been in existence since April of 2012 has now grown to 115 members. The goal for 2015 is 200 members.

Club 65 is a non-profit organization under the umbrella of IMAGH (Indian Muslims of Greater Houston). To find out more about Club 65 or to become a member, visit, or call Paru Mcguire at 440-390-1763.