Club 65 Ended 2015 with a Bang

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From left: Noorjahan U, Asghar A – Club 65 Queen and King 2016

HOUSTON: A grand New Year’s eve party—a first for Club 65—was held at the Savoy banquet hall on the December 29, with a large attendance of members and some guests. The atmosphere was very festive and colorful with live music. There was enough place to dance and be comfortable without feeling crowded. Everyone was ready to have a good time—- “Ring out the old and Ring in the new”.

The evening started with a welcome speech by Paru McGuire (President of Club 65). She went on to acknowledge the Executive committee consisting of President (IMAGH) Latafath Husain, Chairman Fatehali Chatur, VP Rahat Sultana Kalle and Hatim Kanorwala, Secretary Noorjahan Upadhya, Treasurer Farida Jinnah, Farida Bandali, Asghar and Yasmin Alibhoy and thanked the hardworking team of dedicated volunteers who give so much of their time to this organization. A special mention and thanks went to the Entertainment committee—Rozina Jafferali, Parvin Syed. This recognition gave an opportunity for the members to applaud the selfless efforts of the volunteers who make each meeting a huge success. A special mention goes out to Paru who has done a great job putting in a lot of time and energy to keep Club 65 interesting and fun with the membership increasing to over 190 members.

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From left: Rozina J, Saeed P, Asghar A, Paru M, Rahat k, Latafath H, Parvin S

Formal and yet relaxed, the attendees enjoyed the hors d’oeuvres, fine food, music, dancing and each other’s company. There was ‘Ras Garba’ for those in the mood to swing to the traditional Indian dance, which did bring many of the ladies and gents to the dance floor.

There were several raffle drawings which brought about a lot of excitement to the winners but the grand finale of the evening was a surprise! It was the crowning of the “King” and “Queen” of Club 65. The selection was made by three judges on the merit of attire and how well they carried themselves. Each one was ‘crowned’ with a sash and a special balloon. It was all fun and joy through the evening.

The memorable affair ended with a touching and heartwarming toast to the New Year by Latafath Husain (Pres. IMAGH). Club 65 had a good year. We count our blessings and look forward to making 2016 a better one.