College Planning from A to Z : Seminar at JVB Preksha Meditation Center

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By Vani Jain

HOUSTON: As part of community outreach, JVB Houston Center organized  a workshop on  Virtuous Character, 21st Century Skills, and College Planning from A to Z for the 2nd time. The event was held on Sunday, Nov 15  inside the JVB’s Pyramid Hall and was conducted by Peter Han, the founder of College Planning A to Z, a full service college planning advisory firm. The seminar was targeted for high school students and their parents. About 50 people attended this highly informative workshop. The objective of this 2 hour seminar was to share as much information as possible to help families find, select and afford colleges that best match their children in near future.

Anusha Gandhi, a 12th grader and JVB youth council member was the Emcee of the program. She welcomed the community members with a short speech. Han opened up the session with  information on what it takes to get into college today including the financial aid system and how it works; how to maximize  student’s potential to receive scholarships, grants and other forms of merit-aid;  importance of  SAT & ACT tests and how colleges value them; and what the more selective colleges really want to see on a student’s application. He highlighted that making the right choice from the start results in more positive outcomes for students and financial savings for parents.

Furthermore, Han discussed 3 big mistakes made by families in college planning. His presentation included an informational timeline for high school students and parents regarding the activities to focus on in different grades in their high school career as well as important deadlines, optimum number of college applications, time and expense of applications, resumes, essays and interviews. He went over the 10 questions that audience had e-mailed prior to the session including, Public vs. Private colleges, Profit vs. Non- Profit, Large vs. Small colleges, and life afterwards. He explained how one must be and willing to collaborate with others in order to lead a successful life.

His presentation was extremely informational, educational, and inspirational, and audience was very engaged and interested throughout.  After his presentation, Han stayed past his time to discuss and answer specific questions from audience and even did a one- on- one consulting with individual families. This workshop was organized by JVB youth council   Anusha Gandhi, Neha Daga & Ashish Sacheti with help from  Senior class at JVB Gyanshala Udai Jain, Neer Jain, Vani Jain and Manya Jain.

In closing, Neer Jain did the vote of thanks and Udai Jain presented Han a Holiday gift basket as a token of appreciation. (If you would like to receive additional details on Peter Han, or a copy of the presentation, please e-mail Pramod Bengani at

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