‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’: Indore-based comedian does not find Gutthi, Kapil funny enough


New Delhi: Gutthi (Sunil Grover) and Kapil Sharma may have secured a place in everyone`s heart for their comic antics, but, there is one person who seems barely impressed with them.
A leading daily reports that Indore-based stand up comedian, Zakir Khan, thinks that what Gutthi does is not comedy. He was quoted as saying, “What Gutthi does is not comedy. Especially in Delhi, comedy has grown to be mature and versatile. Gutthi is not versatile.”

He further added that Kapil Sharma`s jokes are meant to insult people. “Tu kaala hai, tu mota hai, tere daant kharab hain – that`s what their jokes are about. I don`t find it funny,” said Khan.
The comedian was also asked whether he thinks himself better than Kapil Sharma. To which he replied that comparing him and Kapil is like comparing a classical singer with Sonu Nigam. …

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