Commemorating 150 Years of Mahatma Gandhi’s Spiritual Inspiration


HOUSTON: From the early days of the Montgomery bus boycott, Martin Luther King Jr. referred to Mahatma Gandhi as “the guiding light” of nonviolent social change. Deeply influenced by the works of Gandhi while studying at the Crozer Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania, King made the struggle for civil liberty for African- Americans in the USA his sole motto. He later said, “I firmly believe that the Gandhian philosophy of nonviolent resistance is the only logical and moral approach to the solution of the race problem in the United States “The Father of the Indian Nation, Gandhiji, has been praised by the whole world as a messenger of non-violence. But, one may wonder who captivated him? Who was his inspiration? Shrimad Rajchandra, a Jain poet, philosopher, scholar and reformer, was foremost amongst those he considered to be his guides. Shrimadji’s direct interaction with Gandhiji and his letters, both played a pivotal role in shaping Gandhiji’s character and kindled in him the novel idea of using ahimsa to attain independence.

Shrimadji’s emphasis on truth, compassion and non-violence in every walk of life, crystallized as the fundamental tenets of Gandhism, which played a significant role in the Indian struggle for independence. In the history of India, the success of Gandhiji’s non-violent struggle as a means of achieving freedom will be engraved in golden letters. Even in the history of the world his unique contributions will be immortalized.

Commemorating the glorious occasion of Gandhiji and Shrimadji’s 150th birth anniversary year, Houston will witness a theatrical presentation, a tribute to two great souls on July 16th at the Stafford Centre, 3:30pm.

The play highlights the value of expanding one’s capacity to love and give selflessly, respecting diversity, speaking truth, fostering trust, and building lasting communities. It brings to the forefront a powerful experience of looking within, upholding truth and fearlessness, as well as transforming character and consciousness.

Shrimadji is an inspiration behind a non-profit organization, Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care (SRLC). It offers service and brings joy to the lives of the undeserved sections of the society. The mission does these through holistic, multi-approach community outreach and development programs designed to provide humanitarian, education, and medical care.