Community Expects a Larger Role for NRIs in Modi Government Indo-Americans See Exit Polls as Beginning of a New Era in India

From left: Shekhar Aggarwal, Durga Aggarwal, Swami Ramdev, and Braham Aggarwal.

From left: Shekhar Aggarwal, Durga Aggarwal, Swami Ramdev, and Braham Aggarwal.

By Haider Kazim

HOUSTON: Exit polls showing a decisive victory for the NDA alliance led by Narendra Modi in India’s parliamentary elections have cheered Houston’s Indian community which sees a new beginning in India.

“The new government led by Sri Narendra Modi will herald a new beginning,” said Houston businessman Ramesh Bhutada who has helped organize support for the campaign. “Going by the exit poll predictions, which have surpassed our expectations, I think India has done a much needed course correction.”

Jugal Malani, businessman, and  philanthropist, sees emergence of a economically strong, culturally vibrant and self-confident India under Modi’s governance by the end of this decade. “I am very confident that Modi’s vision, leadership and clean governance will propel India’s economic growth and development in all sectors – be it industries, infrastructure, jobs, education, healthcare and national security. His pragmatic outlook and positive attitude will vastly benefit India-US relations and increase the scale of foreign investments in India.”

Dr. Durga Agrawal, another leading businessman, expects Modi to change India. “We are all hoping that our next PM, Narendra Modi will change India, promote business, improve foreign policy- improve relationship with United States, try to weed out corruption and create environment, jobs for the younger population. India’s small scale industries are disappearing because of increased imports from China.”

The Indo-American community has actively supported the Modi campaign for nearly six months. Over 35 volunteers have travelled from Houston to various states in India to work for BJP candidates. Some of the volunteers are still in India.

Swapan Dhairyawan,  Prominent community worker, sees the beginning of a ‘Navyug’ a strong and dynamic India under Modi. “The exit polls nor the election results is the end of the journey, but is the start of a Navyug in which the NDA led Government under the most able leadership of  Modiji will bring a strong, stable, vital, emergent and dynamic India unto the global limelight.”

Dr. Venugopal Menon sees the projected win as a historic victory. “As a nine year old, I felt intensely proud and patriotic when we gained independence from the British in 1947.  Today we are creating history reclaiming that freedom, threatened from within, by graver adversaries than seven decades ago.  India must prevail, and we will.”

Saroj Gupta, a community activist, said, “exit polls have turned our wish that Modi should win, India should win into reality.” She is hoping for 300 plus seats when the results are announced.

Community leaders are also expecting a Modi government to give a larger role to NRIs in shaping India’s destiny.

“With a new vibrant India, I am pretty sure our future NRI generations in USA would take pride in their association with India and look forward to an enhanced role in shaping the destiny of India,” Bhutada said.

Dr. Agrawal, who is currently in India, said: “I know NRIs based in the US have played a pivotal role in guiding this campaign … I feel the new Modi Government should have at least some Ministerial level and several advisory level roles for NRIs .”