Cooking up Math Skills During Thanksgiving Celebrations


Thanksgiving is a time when friends and family have the opportunity to spend quality time together, gathered around the table for the holiday. While students are usually excited to have a few days off of school, learning doesn’t have to stop during this extended time off! There are several ways to incorporate math skills and tests into Thanksgiving activities. Not only is this a more visual option for teaching, but it also allows students to have fun along the way. Best in Class Education Center shared a few ideas for how students can continue to learn over the holidays while helping out this Thanksgiving.

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Pie Fractions:
Using a pie is a great way to visually show how fractions work. When you are cutting the pie let your child watch to see what 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8 looks like. You can also ask questions while serving the pie like, “If Grandpa wants two slices of the pie and we cut the pie into 1/8 pieces, what fraction of the pie will he be eating?”

Geometry Thanksgiving Turkey:
Let your kids explore shapes and rotational symmetry by creating small turkey cutouts and small colorful shapes to create feather designs. This project is very hands-on and is great for younger kids to learn how to match different shapes. It’ll also make great decorations for the holidays too!

Cooking Time Questions:
Using cooking times is a great way to incorporate both younger and older children into the learning process. For the younger kids, remove the kitchen timer and ask them to calculate what time the food will be ready based on the cooking time. For example, if it is 3:30 p.m. now and the pie needs to cook for 45 minutes, what time will it be done?

For the older kids, have them help with figuring out the time needed to cook a turkey. If a turkey should be cooked for 20 minutes for every pound, and we have a 15-pound turkey, for how long should we cook it?

Cooking for Crowds:
When hosting a large Thanksgiving, doubling or even tripling the size of recipes is very common. This is a great time to let your kids practice their multiplication skills to figure out how much of each ingredient you need.

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