‘Crew’: Funny, Frivolous and Delectable Crime Comedy

By Renuka Vyavahare

Story: Circumstances lead three hustlers to a gold smuggling racket. It’s all fun and games until conscience comes calling.

Review: Girls gotta have some fun and Bollywood is finally listening.

Co-workers Geeta Sethi (Tabu), Jasmine Kohli (Kareena Kapoor Khan) and Divya Rana (Kriti Sanon) serve looks and then some hospitality to the passengers of Kohinoor airlines. The undisputed drama queens have their own battles to fight and lies to hide. Nothing unites employees more than their collective misery and that forges an unlikely bond between the three air hostesses. When they discover that their debt-ridden airline is on the verge of bankruptcy, the women are compelled to seek desperate measures for survival. Necessity is the mother of invention and sometimes, even crime.

Crew has a smooth take-off boasting of a terrific first half and a bumpy landing. The fast-paced comic thriller entertains at all times even when the climax gets too convenient, ditzy or far-fetched. The heist bit isn’t clever and doesn’t pretend to be clever either, which works. Humour stems from the characters’ unabashed, unapologetic approach to life without thinking it through. Their plans are as effective as Vasco Da Gama ki gun (of Andaz Apna Apna) and yet they exude the style and attitude of ramp models. The sheer obliviousness evokes laughter as you submit yourself to their world of ambition, fading vanity, and delusion.

Caught in a crossfire between needs, wants and morals, despite its frothy exterior, Crew has an interesting take on the upper middle class and their relationship with money, ethics and a dead-end job that enslaves them for life. ‘Adarshon se bill nahi bharte’, Geeta reminds herself.

Speaking of the ladies, Crew’s leading actresses are in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s respectively and casting hasn’t looked this fun for an Indian all-female heist film in a long time. Beyond the organic age inclusivity, the story doesn’t digress from the ladies even with men as entertaining as Diljit Dosanjh and Kapil Sharma around. Kulbhushan Kharbanda also features in a special appearance and none of the male characters are inconsequential despite their brief screen time as seen in most chick flicks.

While all three bring their A game, Tabu and Kareena exude bonafide movie star energy to show how it’s done. Diljit was right when he said, ‘Hogi Rihanna, hogi Beyonce, sadi ta ae he hai, Kareena’. Bebo oozes oomph and substance as a hustler who conceals her loneliness. Torn between responsibilities and desires, Tabu is terrific. The two are electrifying on screen with characters distinctly written for each. The two even crack age-related jokes that we are sure resonates with them. Kriti adds to the chutzpah and has great chemistry with Diljit but feels more like a third-wheeler. The latter makes a charming impression. He gives the film its best laugh out loud moment when he asks Kriti, “Tumne mujhe instagram pe follow back kyu nahi kiya?”

If you are looking for some light-hearted madcap comedy, Crew is worth diving into — with all its frivolity, humour and glam. — Times of India