D.A.V. School Wins PSIA State Championship for Second Year in a Row

By Arti Khanna

HOUSTON: We totally earned bragging rights as our brilliant students won the PSIA Elementary Division State Championship 2023 with 24 awards in various categories. Of the winners, eight placed 1st, eight placed 2nd, and three placed 3rd. Thank you to Doug Ray for coming out to present the trophy. Thank you to all the teachers for all their hard work as they worked tirelessly with the students after school, helping them prepare for the District & State meet.

19th May 2023 was an exciting day at DAVMES as we got ready for an in-person celebration after a long time. We won the PSIA State Championship again & honoring our graduating 5th graders, we had a lot to celebrate!!

The celebrations began with prayers by our 2nd to 5th graders under Acharyaji’s guidance followed by the melodious songs by Ms. Smriti’s music students.

We are so proud of each & every one of our 7 graduates. It was emotional to hear them speak about their personal journey & experiences at DAVM and the high regard & love they have for their teachers & peers.

Continuing with our tradition of honoring & recognizing the teachers for their service & commitment to the school, we honored Ms. Sukhinderjit Kataria (10 years), Ms. Preeti Rana (10 years), Ms. Geeta Kadakia (5 years). A special shout out to Paresh Desai ji, our school driver who completed 7 years of service & has not taken a single day off. We also recognized Ankur Kadakia for all the volunteering he has done over the years.

Our talented teachers hit the ball right out of the park with the brilliant show they put together. Each performance from the preschoolers to the Elementary students was unique & showcased such a wide range of items. The Yellow class students taught us a beautiful lesson about education & its ability to empower us & improve our lives. The Blue class students left the audience spellbound as they came on stage & told the story of our solar system. K.G students mesmerized the audience & transported us all back to India as they showcased India’s strength & pride. They showed their support for India by joining the move Har Ghar Tiranga. It was a trip down memory lane for most of us as the 1st Graders presented a “Commercial Break” from the 90’s.

The 2nd & 3rd graders danced to the song Believer by Imagine Dragons. The finale of the show was a skit by the 4th & 5h graders with an important message, to try & give your best without worrying about the outcome.

We were honored to have the famous radio host Meena Dutt ji, join us in our celebrations.