Da-Bangg 2018 Reloaded, Only One Show in Texas!


DALLAS: Da-Bangg 2018 is a show starring Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sonakshi Sinha, Jaqueline Fernandez, Prabhu Deva, Manish Paul, and Daisy Shah. The show is directed by Sohail Khan. It is being brought to Dallas, Texas by AZ and Hiba Entertainment with Tasacom and Molabs Media on June 29, 2018 at the American Airlines Center. A press conference was held to provide details about the show on January 31 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas and on February 10 at Nirmanz Banquet Hall in Sugar Land. Tickets were released and are on sale at Ticketmaster.com

Organizers preset at the event included Nasir Siddiqi, Mohammad Abbas, Azhar Qasmi, Rashmi Jain, Firoz Samnani, and Hussain Ajani. They answered questions and shared further details about the upcoming show.

There will be so many people here for the show, how is the security going to be like for the event?

“American Airlines has their own security. They are providing the Dallas Police Department and we will also have our security team as well.”


How do you plan on advertising this huge event?

“We have been in this industry for 20 years now. In the past five years, the dynamics of marketing have changed significantly simply because social media has become so relevant now. For the past five years, starting with the first Arijit Singh Concert that we did on October 4th 2015, the only medium (and we were really scared) we used was Facebook. At the time, there was no snapchat; as you know, the show was entirely sold out. That gave us confidence that you really don’t need any other medium, as long as you connect with people on social media. It’s going to be guerrilla marketing and social media primarily.”

 For logistics, are you ready for the flood of people coming to Dallas?
 “Yes we are! We are dealing with a lot of limousine and bus companies. Thankfully, we have wonderful friends in Houston, Austin, and surrounding cities to help us with this.”

When can I get a picture with Salman Khan? How many pictures are there? Is it first come first serve?
 “As you know, we will be expecting 20,000 people and the ones going back will also be wanting pictures as well. We’ll do our best to accommodate as many as we can. We don’t have the exact numbers as yet. As you know, this show is directed and produced by Sohail Khan in Mumbai and they make all those decisions. We’d love to get everyone a picture with the team but that might not be possible. It’s best to get your Elite and VVIP tickets for that reason.”

What are the lowest and highest ticket prices?
 “All the VIP, Meet & Greet, Sponsorship tickets will be taken care of by Nasir Siddiqi. The other floor tickets are taken care of by Rashmi Jain. It’s a team effort. The floor tickets are not available on ticketmaster.com. The lowest floor tickets start from $499. Our tickets are starting at $39, so we want everyone to be here. This is especially great for students who might not be able to pay that much. Our tickets are priced affordably so that everyone can be here. This is not for us to be making money and rip people off. We are attempting to make this as low cost as possible for you, but you know, we also have the show’s bills to pay, such as the building we are sitting in. It’s our first time ever at the American Airlines Center. There is a lot of overhead that we have to take care of. There are approx. 150 people coming from Mumbai. But, we are trying to make this as affordable as possible.”

You are very famous for having great sound at your shows. So I’m assuming that this will have a good sound system as well.
 “Arijit Singh’s show would have to be the biggest sound system that we have arranged for, and that was incredible. This is going to be double the size. The sound system is coming in from California. The whole concert is going to be very different.”          

 What will the stage be like?
 “This stage will be totally different and it will include a ramp/runway that goes into the audience.”

 What is the total length of the show?
 “It’s about 3.5-4 hours long.”