Daddy Movie Review


DADDY STORY: Raised in Mumbai’s Dagdi Chawl, which was home to the mill workers in the 70s, Arun Gulab Gawli(Arjun), a local went on to became a dreaded don and later a politician. Not to forget…Dawood Ibrahim’s chief adversary. 

DADDY REVIEW: Mumbaikars are well-versed with the rise of Gawli, an out-of-work mill worker’s son who resorted to extortion, gambling and murder to ultimately become the face of the underworld. For those who’ve tuned in late, this film serves as a refresher course on the life and times of the infamous gangs of Bombay. Arun, along with his two friends—Babu(Anand) and Rama(Rajesh), formed the BRA gang and reigned terror in Central Mumbai in the 70s-80s. Gawli’s meteoric rise to the top also meant that he would eventually confront his contemporary, Dawood Ibrahim, referred to as Maqsood (Farhan) here.

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