DAV Montessori Celebrates its Graduation Day


By Rajeev Khanna

HOUSTON: May 19, was a memorable day for the little graduates of DAV Montessori School (DAVMS) as they walked across the stage in their sky blue graduation caps and gowns to receive their graduation certificates from Chief Guest, Ramesh Bhutada. The awards ceremony was followed by a cultural program, centered around the theme of Nature, our environment and the mother earth.


The Arya Samaj Greater Houston complex was teeming with students, parents and grandparents to celebrate the momentous event.  The stars of event were the young graduates and their fellow students who put together the stupendous cultural program that followed. The different classes of the school presented dances related to the theme of Nature; celebrating the fruits and joys provided by Mother Nature and warning against the damaging effects of the human behaviors on nature. The dazzling music and the dances had the whole audience gyrating and tapping their feet – wishing they were on the stage as well.  The flawless presentation showcased the beauty, talent and innocence of the children and the hard work and dedication of the teachers. DAVMS children have a multitude of opportunities to perform on stage in front of audiences throughout the year, and this gives them an edge by building their self-confidence and a foundation for future success.  The whole performance was enacted as a labor of love, the music, the choreography, the colorful costumes, and the makeup were simply breathtaking.

To top it all the school director, Arti Khanna, in her annual school report, informed the gathering of the top-rate academic performance of DAVMS students in the Iowa tests that measures nationwide performance.  DAVMS students scored in the top 1 percent of national average, and most of them were performing 2-3 grades higher. This year the school also held its very first science and geography bee for the first grade students.

The past school year started with anticipation and eagerness, for the completion of the new school building. Thanks to Arya Samaj Management and the generous donations of supporters, the school inaugurated its building addition at the start of the year in September. This building addition fulfilled the need for more space due to the growing enrollment. To keep pace with the growth, the school will be adding another KG class in the coming school year. The school building addition has also allowed the school to fulfill another long standing wish of the school parents. Shekhar Agrawal, on behalf of the Arya Samaj Management, announced that the school will be growing vertically and adding a 2nd and 3rd grade class in the coming school year.

Not only do the students excel academically, they are also very active in a multitude of extracurricular activities and community outreach events. The audience saw an impressive video presentation chronicling the various school activities and events –  like the annual Halloween carnival, the book fair and trike-a-thon to raise money for the St. Jude’s children research hospital. We take our hats off to Arti Khanna and her dedicated team of teachers and parent volunteers – for all they do to give these children such a grounded education.

The DAV Montessori was started in the year 2000 as a unique school providing academic excellence with spiritual growth to the children ages 21/2 yrs. to 7yrs. This concept blends a successful Montessori curriculum with instructions on Indian Culture, Traditions, (Moral Science), Yoga, music, dance, art and Hindi language.

Arti Khanna thanked the management committee members, Acharya Surya Nanda ji and Acharya Praveen Gulati ji, the parents, and reminded everyone that, though only a few were mentioned by name, she has an army of teachers, volunteers and others who make it possible for DAVMS to be successful in its mission.

The function concluded traditionally with a beautiful rendition Aarti and Shanti Path by the DAVMS children.