DAV Sanskriti School Celebrates India’s Republic Day Celebrations, Makar Sankranti & Lohri

By Acharya Brahmdeo

HOUSTON: DAV Sanskriti School students joined Arya Samaj Greater Houston for the flag hoisting ceremony done by Veterans of the Indian Army residing in Houston. Students and music teachers Smriti Srivastava on vocals & Harmonium and Raja Banga on tabla enchanted the audience as a choir singing both Jana Gana Mana and Vande Mataram

All joined in the partaking of prasad, lunch. It was an opportunity to feel the connect with India for the Indian diaspora attending the program.

January has been busy month for DAV Sanksriti School. On Sunday January 21, 2024, DAV Sanskriti School participated in the Celebrations around the inauguration of RamJanmaBhoomi Mandir by Hindus of Greater Houston. DAVSS students recited Veda Mantras at the start of the program. Adit Mantri and Stawya Agarwal were among the finalists of the speech contests and did their presentation live to the audience. In line with what they study at DAVSS, both students emphasized on the need for all to live up to the ideals that “Maryada Purushottam Shri RamChandra Ji” taught us as a role model.

Sunday January 14, 2024, DAV Sanksriti school celebrated Makar Sankranti & Lohri. Students, parents, teachers, and volunteers of DAV Sanskriti School Houston, and ASGH members and well-wishers all enjoyed the Makar Sankranti, Lohri Celebrations at 11.30 a.m. at the Yajnashala in front of the school. During the morning assembly, DAVSS students had the opportunity to learn about why the many names and various ways of celebrating the same festival.

After partaking in prasad (lunch), attendees had a joyful kite-flying time in the bright sunshine and slightly warm temperature in the rear parking and playground of ASGH complex.

On Monday January 1, 2024, ASGH community started with common era New Year Celebrations. Members and well-wishers joined the Yajna, Satsang on January 1 to pray for happiness, peace, and prosperity for all. It was an opportunity for attendees to give oblations of ghee and samagri during the yajna, symbol of shoring up their affiliation to Arya Samaj Greater Houston (ASGH).

During the lecture, Acharya Surya Nanda emphasized the fact that celebrations bring liveliness to life. It is time for self-introspection to learn from the past, live the present and plan the future; to live up to our resolutions; to enhance relationships; to be compassionate to others; to be grateful to God for the blessings in our life, and to relatives, friends and all those who have had an impact in our life. He invited the attendees to attend the weekly Sunday Satsang as well as the classes on Yoga and online Vedic philosophy run by ASGH. On behalf of ASGH he wished all a happy New Year.