Deepika Padukone’s Mother’s Day celebration will move you to tears!


There is nobody who can quite celebrate Mother’s Day the way Deepika Padukone did. In this video for a popular jewellry brand which Dippy recently started endorsing, she shows us how to make one’s mother feel truly special. Deepika and her mother Ujjala Padukone feature in this video which shows how no matter how big a celebrity Dippy becomes she would always be her mother little girl.

The video starts with Dippy trying on beautiful jewellery at a store, and it cuts to her mother waiting for her daughter to return home. The video shows how Deepika’s mother prepares food for her, and then waits for her arrival as a voice over of Deepika tells us how her mother always fuses over her well-being. As Deepika tries on more jewellery seemingly unable to find the perfect set, her mother is shown waiting patiently for her at home. As the video approaches its end, Deepika returns home to a stern look on her mother’s face. As her mother starts setting the dining tale for the actress, Dippy pulls out a brand new set of jewellery to surprise her mother. She thanks her mother for “being you” in a cute little note and her eyes start welling up as she makes her mother try on the new jewellery she brought to her as a gift.

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