Defaced Election Yard Signs Point to Bigotry, Hate in Fort Bend

RICHMOND, Fort Bend County: Many candidates running for political office in the elections in November have placed their yard signs on a block-long stretch of Richmond Parkway and Wildwood, across from the CVS, for people to look at as they drive by.

The signs have been up for awhile and include several minorities like Surendran Pattel, Juli Mathew, Grady Prestage and Stephen Longoria.

In the last few days, almost all the minority candidate signs have been defaced with a thick black cross and in the case of Juli Mathew obliterating her face. This is not the first time that this has occurred in Ft Bend County. In the last election cycle in 2020, similar instances were reported, but this time it is more rampant.

Ft Bend District Attorney Brian Middleton has promised to investigate saying this was a criminal act and will prosecute any individuals who are responsible.