Desi’s Get into Halloween Spirit with Costumes, Parties

HOUSTON: The local community celebrated Halloween with a spirit (no pun intended) this year that showed that they were finally getting integrated with the mainstream community, with costume parties going on all across town for the young, old and much older alike. It wasn’t just the candy seekers dressed as goblins and ghouls who made the rounds this year. In sharp contrast, many more people got into the revelry at the office and into wild parties with crazy looking makeup and costumes. Here’s a good cross section of the merry makers around town.

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Cardiology Center of Houston celebrated Halloween with the entire staff coming into work in costumes. Dr. Randeep Suneja (center in bloodied scrubs) was joined by Dr. Desikan (in coat) and the rest of the nursing and support staff. Dr. Pai, the Center’s third doctor, was not available for the picture.



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Above 3: On Friday, October 31, Houston party goers had an opportunity to witness a live performance by Mumbai’s Legendary DJ, DJ Notorious for the 3rd time in Houston at Nightmare on Main St. organized by Sunny Taj of ABCDHouston alongside DJ Scoop, DJ Masti & DJ Ramping. The event was sponsored by Arshad Ramji of Ramji & Associates. Photos: AK Lodi.

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Above 2: Unique Group of companies Celebrated it’s first annual Unique Halloween Costume Contest on Friday, October 31, with style. Best costume contest was held and each employee was allowed one vote. At the end of the day everyone gathered at the newly built volleyball court and with light snacks and refreshments, winners were announced. First prize $300, second prize $200 and third prize $100.

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Above 3: The Halloween costume party at Blaunsch in Sugar Land was Organized by Masala Radio and hosted by Sunil T. on Friday, October 31. The DJ’s were AV, ZEE, RIZZ, GEO, and DHOLI TAMIM. $1000 best costume contest was won by Ashka Din and Mehran Younis Din. Photos: Meedu Photografy.