Devotees Perform Bhoomi Pujan for First Hanuman Temple in Brookshire

Brookshire: With Lord Hanuman ji’s grace and community support, Devotees successfully completed the Bhoomi Pujan for the first Hanuman Temple in Brookshire, Katy, West Houston during Nov 27-29th.

Challenges of continuing Covid Pandemic and rather sudden onset of cold and rain were respectfully managed by a strong Volunteer Team.

Puja rituals and Yagnas were conducted by Priests on Friday, Nov 27th.

Due to heavy rains, 28th Day Event was merged into 29th Event, attended by around 100 devotees through the Day. We received several sponsorships and donations for expensing the Events.

Representatives of City of Brookshire and Indian Consulate of Houston appeared and delivered good wishes for the Groundbreaking Ceremony. A financial statement is in preparation and will soon be shared on the Temple Website. Anyone interested in details of financial status, can receive information by contacting Mr.Tulsieram ji, your treasurer for the Temple. Ongoing efforts of Cleanup of Grounds and Preparation of Plans for City review and approval are ahead.

We seek your financial support under tax deduction status (Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code) as the 2020-year end approaches.

In our vision for this Temple, we are totally relying on the support of generous individuals and businesspersons of our community and will be most grateful if you would consider providing a donation and commitment of any amount toward this auspicious Project.

You may contribute online @ or by mailing a check to this address, “Hanuman Mandir”, P.O.Box-386, Brookshire, Texas,77423.

Thank you so much for your kind consideration of this request, and we hope you are safe during this time.

A Sanskrit prayer was recited in connection with the Bhoomi puja. Its English meaning: “Oh Lord! Please bless us with your exclusive blissful loving devotion. Just as a well-wishing mother nurtures and develops her progeny, you grace us likewise.”